Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monday Stuff (ok, Tuesday) on the Way to Other Stuff: Breathing A Bit Easier

A huge batch of appraisals went out the door last week...and I drew a sigh of relief. These really wear on you when they're later than they should be -- and they were. I'm right in the middle of a weeklong teaching gig. It's going well, but that wears on you, too. Fortunately, my students are the best in the world. 
    Back to tell you more soon.

Personal finance mistakes everyone should avoid.  (From Quora)

A look at the Wildenstein trial.  Moral of the story: don't try to hide (and not declare, estate-wise) fabulous artwork, if your family is known for owning it. The tax people will get you, eventually.

10 mysteries scientists still can't explain.    Like...cows face north and south and eating. (They do??)

Taco seasoning -- the picture guide. Plenty more of these mixes to choose from, too.  (From One Hundred A Month)

Ten small houses -- price,  $15,000 or less each.  (From the Tiny House Blog)

An extremely rare gold coin -- found by a woman while hiking in Israel. Just laying on the ground...

Can the stock market predict which candidate will win the presidential election?

The world's first face transplant recipient has died. 

South African groceries, including sliced cow heels (I am not making this up) and 'walkie-talkies.' (From Moneysaving Mom -- she just made a trip there.)

The peskiest travelers you meet in airports -- and how to deal with them. (Hmmm. Wonder why I focused on this one.  From Quora)

Magpie Ethel's blog. This is a wild one...she takes decorating in quantity further than I would have ever imagined. But she's brilliant in mixing colors and interpreting themes -- and having fun decorating a beach house she just bought. Lots of inspiration here. (She's got an Etsy shop too, in case you're interested in a piece.)

Have a great week.

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