Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Baseball and Politics

Just got back from the last Rockies game of the season. They lost...but in spite of a brief period in the 9th inning when everything was tied up, no one really expected them to win. So it made for a cheerful crowd leaving the stadium. (At least the Broncos won down in Tampa.) They headed to the bars for "oh well" drinks; we headed home to borrow a friend's truck and pick up our new trailer. 
     I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of the traded insults, half-truths and dishonesty that both Trump and Clinton continue to display. Can we endure this election mess for another month?

     Lots of work to do this week. In spite of that, I AM making progress. 
     Had better get to it.

The latest AP poll is out for college football.  Michigan's #4. (We figured that.) But trundling up at the #21 spot is... Colorado!  The Buffs haven't broken the top 25 list for years. Wow.

A knife-wielding thief steals the bags from a room of people...who turn out to be cross-country runners from the University of Arizona! He takes off. They promptly chase him down and nab him.

A vandal gets an unwelcome shock, trying to steal a 'Trump for President' sign. He's not the only one...

Speaking of politics:

Ten dark secrets about Hillary Clinton. And...

Ten dark secrets about Donald Trump.   (Thanks for creeping us out, no matter what happens, Listverse.)

Where did the ancient Polynesians originate from? DNA suggests seafarers from Taiwan, instead of New Guinea, as previously thought. (Interesting, since Polynesian DNA showed up in a Brazilian tribe. According to scientists, it shouldn't have been there, either!)

How to have a fireplace, when you think you can't.  Or just like the look. (From Domino)

The Temple Mount Sifting Project's 'find of the month:' a mother-of-pearl piece. (See here if you're not sure what I'm talking about.)

Ten weird facts about JonBenet Ramsey's family members. And they're not good ones, either. We lived not far from Boulder, where JonBenet was murdered all those years ago. I can tell you that I've not heard about 95% of this before, in spite of reading extensive newspaper and other media reports. (From Listverse)

Lost in the ocean for 29 hours. Without a raft or life preserver. Wow.

Week 40 of 52 -- a checkup on 2016 goals. This blogger's fierce insistence on checking herself --and being willing to share the results with us -- is inspiring.  (From One Hundred A Month)

A barrel of gold flakes stolen off the back of an armoured truck.  Value: about $1 million.

The back story behind a guy who found 82 pounds of gold bars. Fascinating. (If you liked that, go to the general 'hidden caches' page -- there's more.)

Could the Chicago Cubs win this year's World Series -- after more than 100 years of trying?

Have a great week.

This is a Colorado's nearly done in the high country, and past peak down here in the flatlands

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