Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Football (Groan)

    Thanks to the Brick's ingenuity, we've watched several football games in the past few weeks. He's found different feeds, some of them European...which means that they include announcers getting ready, random people in the crowd etc. These are the lull times that normally would be filled with station identification and such. But since we're on the secondary feed instead of the primary one, we don't have to put up with it. There's some strange halts and silences, but we can handle that. 
      We don't have cable, which saves us a bunch. And we don't need it. The Brick hooked up his laptop to the tv screen -- so we can watch the game, just as if we were seeing it on cable...but minus commercials. Oh darn.
     The worst part about this wonderland of defense, offense, field goals and touchdowns is that two of our favorite teams (the Denver Broncos and the University of Michigan Wolverines) both lost -- during overtime. Double overtime for Michigan. 
     I don't want to talk about it. (sigh)

     On the other hand, the University of Colorado Buffs won. The same team everyone made fun of for years...and is now #9 in the college polls.  Go figure.

And Go Ralphie!

12 trendy stocking stuffers from the dollar store!  (Specifically Dollar Tree -- thanks, Brad's Deals)

Christmas dining room twinkles.  (From Thistlewood Farms)

Another celebrity sprints backwards, after making a firm vow to move to Canada if Trump won. Look for this trend to become a flood...Canadians are probably disappointed. (Or relieved.)

Efficiency equals beauty. Another tome from Mr. Money Mustache -- the man doesn't post nearly often enough.

A trip to Thailand.  Gee, I'd love to do some traveling now. (From Retire by 40)

"Octomom" is no more. One of my favorite celebrity trash people is in the past. Darn...but what a relief for her kids. Can she hold out, if she's offered a boatload of money to revert back?

Puzzling over Christmas presents.  This was earlier this year, but still helpful.  (From Surviving and Thriving)

Nine of the most financially irresponsible players in NBA history.  (From Bleacher Report)

Streusel-topped pumpkin pie. Oh my.  (From Good Cheap Eats)

Toward a slow and simple life. A photo-essay...almost like walking in the mountains yourself.  (From Living with Less)

Turkey lessons..from someone who cooked roast turkey 22 times in a row! (From Simple Bites)

I have to try this:

Ten weird discoveries associated with mummies.  Including the earliest-yet Gospel of Mark fragment...found in an Egyptian mummy mask!  (From Listverse)

Nine kid-friendly party foods...not to mention appetizers for Big Kids.   (From our buddette, Betty Crocker) Like these chicken enchilada bites:

The caramel fruit dip caught my eye, too:

A cop is banned from a San Diego 'Day of Transgender Awareness' event -- because others might be put off by her uniform. Turns out not only did she help plan the event...she's transgender herself.
          Yep, that's tolerance for ya.

Have a great week.

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