Monday, April 23, 2018

Branson...And Baby

I'm in Branson the next few nights, with our Aussie quilters. We hit two quilt shops today (of course), plus:

Fantastic Caverns, which were quite good -- did you know they were used for auditoriums by the early country singers? Like the Presleys below.

and a nighttime visit to the Presleys music revue. (No, they're not Elvis impersonators.)
    AMAZING playing... guitar, mandolin, dobro, violin and last but not least, by any means -- piano.

The cast was very kind, stopping at intermission to talk and sign autographs. One of the cast members even got on the bus to shake hands with everyone! Impressive.

In other news:

Kate and William have a new baby!

Their third child, a boy, was born Monday...he was a big guy, too.

No word on his name yet. But he has been announced in proper fashion:


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