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Every once in a while, I enjoy giving you updates. Especially on the weird and unusual that I report. There's been a lot of it lately. 

By the way, Father's Day is on the cusp! Here are a bunch of restaurant specials for Dad, in case you're thinking of going out. 


Remember the case of the Denver baker who wouldn't make a wedding cake for a gay couple? 

The Supreme Court just ruled... in his favor.  Not only that -- they rebuked Colorado's Civil Rights Commission for trampling all over his religious rights. (More details here, if you're curious.)
      Not that that matters, of course, in terms of getting his lost income and business back. Or his life for the past five years.  (To get a little taste of what he's been through, try this.)

Because he doesn't -- and won't -- get any of that back. 

Was he treated with the same respect the gay couple acknowledged he showed them? Or did they storm out, flipping him off and cursing at him, like he said?

What do you think?

I hope he's making wedding cakes again.
        (Just checked -- he isn't. Yet. But his birthday and specialty cakes are incredible.)

Mike Keefe's 6/6/18 cartoon from the Denver Post on the subject. The answer: yes. Yes, he could.
That's his right-- as long as it's done politely, with respect.  Plenty of other fish in the sea, bakery-wise.

Another case, this one on flower arrangements, is currently on the Supreme Court's doorstep, waiting to see if they agree to hear it.



This guy kills me -- the thirty-something son whose longsuffering parents had to go to court to evict him. The judge agreed -- but our hero said he couldn't leave, because he didn't have the money for boxes and tape! Then he said he didn't know how to pack up his stuff.  And his folks were Being Mean, because they tried to talk to him. (I am not making this up. I wish I were.)

     He finally left, 2 1/2 hours before the official deadline. (Big of him.). And he's finally got a job deserving of his vast talents: viewing and picking out suitable photos and videos for Mr. Skin, a porn website. Oh boy. Just in time to keep him from going to jail for not supporting his kid. (He says he can't pay, because he has no money. His ex-girlfriend says he's been paying for storage for years -- in an amount far more than the miniscule amount he was required to pay for his child.)  Fortunately, the judge in the child support case doesn't seem inclined to put up with his crap.

This guy enjoys being in the limelight -- I'm guessing we haven't seen the last of him. 



Now for my favorite irony of the past month or so: the wonderful Sherita Dixon-Cole, who accused a cop of sexually abusing her -- when nothing happened. Plus Shaun King, the fine 'black' activist who took her side, without bothering to find out whether she spoke the truth.

They've both admitted they were wrong, right? (King did...sort of. Kinda.)
    Given sincere apologies to the police officer they both slandered?


So what does Sherita Dixon-Cole get, for making all those horrible accusations?

Absolutely nothing.

No charges will be filed because, says the DA, she didn't make an 'official' police report. (She just griped to an officer, instead.) Then she marched off to find a lawyer -- who went to find Shaun King.

Now these individuals are trying hard to act like nothing happened. 

But it did.



How about Europe? 

I am loving this blogger's report on the recent trip she took with her family. Here's the Paris section of the trip.  Just check earlier posts for the rest of the trip. (Thanks for taking us with us, Living Rich on the Cheap.)




Charlotte Fox found dead -- the indefatiguable climber died recently. If you're wondering who this is, she was one of the people who survived that horrible May 1996 storm on Everest. Jon Krakauer's book, Into Thin Air, was a bestseller on the subject. Some of Charlotte's memories about her experience are here. 

Did you know that the bodies of Scott Fischer and Rob Hall, two of the guides who died, are still on Everest? (I believe they're still in position where the men died...along with a bunch more bodies. Don't click on the link, if you don't want to see them.) If you're curious about this, here's an illuminating article.

Ironically, Fox -- the climber who managed to stagger back to camp, when others didn't -- seems to have died by falling down the stairs at her house.



I've been tough on the Frugalwoods, criticizing the Mrs. for being too uptight and controlling. I'm glad to see that she's been considering this, too -- and isn't as rigid as she sometimes comes across. It helps to realize that if she's judging people, they're probably judging her, in return. Good for her.



Queen Elizabeth's birthday and Prince Harry's wedding have been fun to think about lately. A few things seemed puzzling, though -- and your intrepid correspondent is here to clear them up.

Why did Princess Anne wear a uniform, instead of a dress, to her mom's event at the Trooping of the Colours? 

(Here's the full version, by the way. Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit -- it's going to be a while.)

Because the Guard that did the Trooping was HER guard. In fact, she was echoing what her mother had also done, decades before.

41 royal wedding details you might have missed   Lots of fun stuff here.


Ruby, our new puppy, is starting to learn the ropes. Charley often lets her get away with stuff -- then, with one big woof, her puts her back in her place.
    We've been training her, too. It's going well...but it's not always easy.

'I'll pretend I ddn't hear that, Mom...I'm still in charge. Right?'

And finally:


Anna Delvey had plenty of money -- friends and influence, while it lasted, too. The only problem: she never had it in the first place.  Sadly, she got away with the charade for years.

Now the Hollywood people who admired her are planning on making a movie about her life. Go figure.

One can only hope that she's forced to cough up ALL the money she gets, to the institutions she cheated. Not to mention the girl who covered a boatload of her debt, and is now stuck with that shortfall:


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