Sunday, September 24, 2017

Peyton Manningisms

     Peyton Manning isn't Denver's featured Bronco anymore; he retired in 2015. That didn't stop the quarterback who followed him, Trevor Siemian, from having plenty to stay about the Great One in today's Denver Post.

He once said to Peyton, 'After a game, does the younger quarterback go up to the older quarterback? How does that work? What is the etiquette?'

Peyton's answer can be applied to all sorts of situations:

"Trevor, I'll tell you this -- when you win the game, you wait for the other quarterback to come up to you. When you lose, you go up to the other quarterback."

Another 'Mr. Omaha' comment shows the depth of this interesting man:

During the preseason, when Manning stood in full uniform with a helmet on the sideline, he was asked by a reporter why he bothers dressing when he isn't playing. With Siemian standing nearby, Manning said: 

"because I have too much respect for the guys that are on the field."

Now that's class. So is this quote:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Birthday! me.

Now you know why birthday freebies were included in this week's 'Stuff' post. After the money kicked out for peaches, plus a $500+ repair bill on the truck, I've been researching discounts and free stuff for your natal day. And there's a bunch of it on the Internet, including this post from allyou magazine.
     There's even a website, Birthday Freebies, dedicated to just this.


Nonetheless, we'll benefit some in the next week from Panera (free birthday pastry) and our favorite, Red Robin (a birthday burger). Both places have reward clubs you need to sign up for in advance; just click on the links.

Here's how my day went --

I woke up this morning to my sweet Brick bringing breakfast in bed. He also gave me a bouquet of red roses -- and a Bigfoot birthday card. What a romantic.

Maybe I needed a cake like this...

     This afternoon was an adventure to see what I could scoop up for free during the errand run. I grabbed a loaf of garlic bread, a package of cupcakes and a bag of french bread loaves from the thrift shop's 'free bread' shelf. One bank threw a couple of dog bones in with the cash. (They saw Charley sitting in the back.) But the nicest 'present' by far was a pretty clear blue plastic piggybank from the local credit union, when the clerk heard it was my birthday. What a kind thing to do.

      I also redeemed a $10 rewards card from Lowes (expiring today) to buy an ornamental kale plant and two pansies. The pansies will brighten up the planter until frost, then hopefully will reappear in the spring. The kale plant looks interesting in a planter -- but even better, I'll be able to trim leaves from it for a few months. They make great additions to soup.

     A final stop at Chipotle for burritos (a BOGO earned from the library's summer reading program), plus the garlic bread heated, made for an easy supper. Of course, we had cupcakes for dessert!

Got some lovely flowers from the Mama, too

No visits from the girlies -- Son #1 and Daughter #2 are in North Carolina, rockhounding right now. Daughter #1 had her own responsibilities elsewhere. I'd seen them the week before, though, for a birthday supper.

A quiet, peaceful day was had...with rain falling on our parched yard by nightfall. 

Funny -- I don't feel any older. 


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Speaking Out

In our case, it was the girlies calling each other 'Cow.' Just this week, I was informed that if I hadn't made such a fuss about it, they would have gotten bored and stopped sooner. 
     Ahem. Sure. You bet.

National Museum Day Live 9/23 -- Get Your Free Tickets!

Just go here for specifics. 

Sponsored by the Smithsonian. Ironically, there are none in my state (Colorado). But hundreds of museums are participating. Hopefully there's one in your area!

Colds...And Cold Mornings

Charley Bear has a cold.

Charley Bear...and A Bear. (As in Rug)

So do we, apparently.

Getting up in the morning, already an exercise in discipline, has just gotten worse. Why would I want to leave that warm snuggly bed, when it's chilly outside?

No matter -- you have to. There's work to be done. But I feel like this about it all:

(And btw, I'm not the first dog.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Quilted Flowers on a Windy Day

Now this is a charmer --

From Pinterest...

What a great way to use up your scraps, while sewing this cheerful piece. I could even see making the daisies into chrysanthemums on an autumn-leafy background, with careful attention to color. Or white Christmas roses, backed by red and green!

It's called 'Blossoms' (of course), designed by Amanda Murphy.

Get the PDF pattern from PatternPile here.

Peyton Manningisms

      Peyton Manning isn't Denver's featured Bronco anymore; he retired in 2015. That didn't stop the quarterback who followed ...