Friday, August 29, 2014

Monday (er, Friday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Happy Labor Day Weekend

This has been a strange week. 
I've been trudging through lots of paperwork, doing some biz work...and trying to figure out why I feel so blahhh about life right now. I wonder -- the Mama picked up some flu, heading home. Did I get my own dose of it, as well? Feel achy all over, and my head hurts. 
    Unfortunately for me, I have a commitment on Monday that needs doing. Fortunately for you, I thought I'd post the Monday listing early.
     Hopefully, things will feel better soon.

World Monuments -- wonderful places, including some that are in danger.

Take a free online course...on the work of Laura Ingalls Wilder! (Class starts in Sept.)

How to remove credit disputes from your record...and boost your credit score, in the process. (From My Money Design)

The teeny-tiny balcony makeover. Good ideas for a similar small space at your place! (From Apartment Therapy) From this:

To this.

Somebody donated a skull to Goodwill! Turns out it wasn't the first one, either...

Free Our Kids -- wherein a lady decides not to spend a cent on her kids for a full year, and blogs about it. I'm not sure what to think about this...and she's fallen off the wagon at least once. But still --

The Wal-Mart Savings Catcher -- enter your purchases (just the receipt number), Wal-Mart compares them to sales in your area -- then may refund money to you via a gift card. (From My Frugal Miser) I haven't done this myself yet, but have heard plenty of people raving about it. I need to.

Georgia cracker salad?!?  Actually, it's a kind of egg salad. Stuff it in tomatoes, if you like, or eat as a dip.  Easy and good.

Did you ever wonder what famous people are worth? Now you can find out, via Celebrity Net Worth. Actors, politicians, sports figures...they're all there. (And to make things even more interesting, 25 rich athletes who went broke.)

'Fabulous Freebies' -- to keep you from going broke too, I guess. Some are common-sense, but there are some unusual ones, too. (From Five Cent Nickel)

Goldfish 'bubble' cookies. Fast, easy...and very cool.  (From Who Needs A Cape?)

Sam's vs Costco -- who's got the best prices? This post compares a lot of products, both individually and collectively. You might be surprised at the eventual winner.

Have a good weekend. Barbecue something for me...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Everyone's A Critic...

Like this Boston Terrier.

 I wish I could have done this now and then!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Corn Dog Sale Tomorrow!

I am a HUGE fan of corn dogs...they just bring back memories of wandering around the fairgrounds, munching as you go.

And tomorrow they're only 50 cents each at Sonic! 

Good only on Thursday, the 28th...yum.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A New Idea for A Tie Quilt!

24blocks shared this idea via Facebook, from their reader Ramona:

All it needs is good-quality fabric for a background, pins, patience and applique stitches. 

Cool, huh?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Yes, I'm...

I must be the last person in the civilized world to have watched this...but hey, I've never seen Despicable Me. And I don't have grandkids (yet). 

But I love this song -- and even better, I loved the parade of dancing people that came after Pharrell Williams' rendition of...


Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: The Rockies -- And the Mint (Nope, not the Denver version)

Warm days, cool nights...fall is definitely on its way. We went to a Rockies game yesterday, and were comfortable as all get-out. Maybe that's why they actually won! (Half the stadium practically fainted -- so unexpected.) 
     We still have a bumper crop of flies. They hang out by the deck, and make a dash for the inside whenever we open the screen door. Strangely enough, they seem to be attracted by the budding flowers on the mint plants near the deck. And since we have a mint population the size of Detroit...I think it may be conspiring with the flies for world domination.
     If only the chickens would eat more flies - but they don't like hanging out in the mint. Meanwhile:

35 FREE classes from Craftsy. All you have to do is click!

The high cost of being poor -- and how to overcome it.  (Via Len Penzo)

Don Pardo died -- you may remember his voice from Jeopardy, The Price Is Right...or Saturday Night Live, where he announced 38 of 39 sessions. Amazing.  He was 96.

Six famous people who predicted their own deaths -- and not always meaning to, either. (Five musicians did it, as well -- in song.)

Twenty dirt-cheap meals. (From The Simple Dollar)

Free stuff to do in the summertime. (From Jeff Yaeger, via AARP)

Eight little-known facts about Robin Williams. Rest his soul.

Money advice -- from six guys who earned the right to speak. (From Men's Health)

A nice insider's look at Crazy quilts at a museum. Not that I'd be interested. No. Un-unh. (Grin. Thanks, Bonnie Hunter)

Have a wonderful week.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Stolen Quilts - Can You Help?

I really hate writing posts like this...
                  yet another batch of quilts has been stolen.

Nancy Rink, a Bakersfield, CA quilt artist, had two break-ins in July of this year. The first time, they took a quilt. The next time, they disabled the alarm system she'd installed -- and stole the rest. Only a few are shown below. (Go here for more news on Nancy, plus more photos of the purloined quilts.) Here's the news article, in case you want to learn more: "Police say each quilt is marked with hand stitching on the corner: Nancy Rink Designs, the name of the quilt and date of completion. There were between 15 and 18 quilts taken."

From Nancy's Facebook page, back in late July:

I am MAD as Hell! Thieves broke into my studio over the weekend and stole virtually every quilt (see the album What the Thieves Stole). This is an oh so wonderful follow-up to the break in a week and a half ago in which one quilt was stolen. We had beefed up security but the thieves paid no attention. They just ripped the alarm from the door and busted the security lights. Am I paranoid or am I just being targeted?! I have posted images of the main quilts stolen (there are probably more) just in case you see or hear of anything. Please call the BPD or if you see or hear anything suspicious. I have trunk shows booked at guilds and it makes it very difficult to give a trunk show without my quilts.
And if  YOU the thief is reading this, please don’t bother to break in again. There is NOTHING more for you to get. We have moved virtually everything out of the studio and are searching for a new location. Also, thanks for the pee and poop you left in the toilet!!

Let's help her get her quilts back. If you notice any of these, contact Nancy and the police pronto. I'd be happy to help, too...just e-mail me at There's a $1000 reward for the quilts' safe return, as well.