Friday, August 28, 2015

What To Do, Now That The Stock Market Has Tanked... And a Few Updates

 You've watched the stock market do the equivalent of a kid's yo-yo this week: up, down, up, down so many times that if you were paying close attention (I hope you aren't), you'd be sick.

So what should you do about it?

According to Ron Lieber...


    This New York Times columnist argues that if you're into stocks, your best bet is to hold onto them. For the long run. Pretty much every time, the market has tanked, it's started to rebound soon after. Hang in patient.

And do what Warren Buffett subscribes to:   When everyone else is selling, buy. But buy quality. "Time is the friend of the wonderful company," he says. (I got some Wal-Mart stock this week at a price I haven't seen in years -- and it has a quarterly dividend, too.)

* * * * * * * * * * *LAW AND (DIS)ORDER

After yesterday's post on James Holmes' sentencing, I can hear people saying, 'Lighten up!' It's done and over with.'
    The problem is: it's not. 

We just had another verdict in a horrendous murder trial for Dexter Lewis. (It wasn't so bad this time -- instead of dozens, he only murdered five people. They were in a bar he and buddies were robbing...and wanted no witnesses. What's a few dozen stab wounds between friends?)
      In spite of long sob stories on how mean his mom was (including her choice in men), how mean his dad was... and boo hoo, he had such a hard life, Lewis was found guilty (whew). But once again, a juror or two voted for life imprisonment versus the death penalty. So that's what Lewis gets. (Something odd happened after the sentencing verdict -- it was greeted by screams from Lewis' family members. Were they screams of joy -- or horror? Perhaps both.)

      The Denver Post had a very silly editorial about the two trials. According to them, it's all good because Holmes is white and Lewis is black -- so it's only fair. And since a few people on a jury can keep the death penalty from happening...well, the death penalty must be unfair. And 'everybody' wants it that way.
      Yeah, right.

* * * * * * * * * *THE CHICKIES

I like to keep you posted on our crazy feathered friends. We lost one of the oldest chickens this week (heat stroke, maybe?), but the 'babies' are just starting to lay. They produce cute little brown eggs that are gradually getting bigger. The only struggle: out of 13 'babies' (who should each be laying by now) and approx. 15 other chickens, we're only getting between 7-8 eggs daily. Who's slacking!?!
     I cleaned out the freezer, and they've had a wonderful time munching on freezer-burned hamburger and chicken bits. (Yes, they're cannibals that way. Meat's meat.) Maybe I had to throw away those mushy pepper bits -- but at least the chickies will convert them to eggs.
       I hope. 

* * * * * * * * * * YES, WE HAVE LOTS OF TOMATOES

I know. For the rest of you, this weenie basketful is no big deal. (Especially in Michigan, the Land of Hot and Sticky Summer NIghts.) But for us, it's major exciting. Notice the basket of eggs nearby, too.

 No bananas, though. (Couldn't help myself.)

* * * * * * * * * *QUILTING

Perhaps, maybe I will get some time to sew this coming week! That's the hardest part about being a quilting teacher and lecturer -- you rarely have time to fool around, sewing-wise. Our friend Tommy has been moaning and griping about the quilt he was supposed to get years ago. Now friend Dan has started the clamor for HIS quilt. (He wants an eagle design. Tommy wants a hunting-themed quilt.) If I can get the tops done now, I might get them done by Christmas.
      That'll shut those two zany guys up.

And finally:

We're still here.

Still trying to figure some things out. Still working on reports. But hanging in there.
   Hopefully you are, too.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goodbye to All That

James Holmes, the smirking, "Yep, I'm crazy, all right" perpetrator of the Colorado Theatre murder trial, has finally been sentenced.

12 life sentences.

Plus a bunch of years for all the people he wounded.

More than 3,000 years total.

Absolutely no possibility of parole. (Which wouldn't have happened if he'd been found insane.)

 The judge refused to look at him or use his name, and right after sentencing, said to the policeman, "Get this defendant out of my courtroom now."
    He's not the only person who's been sickened by all this.

The judge took a lot of time to mention to the crowd why, in spite of the verdict, he thought the trial was important. Two reasons were mentioned, over and over:  information (especially about the people Holmes murdered) and closure. 

    Some people have taken to arguing that Colorado should never hand out death sentences, since this guy didn't get one. They're also arguing that 'everyone' feels the death penalty should be abolished -- since ONE PERSON on the jury voted against it. (And in current Colorado law, that's good enough for it to be thrown out. The jury has to be unanimous.)

I'm not the only one in this grand state that disagrees with that. 

Fine. He's in jail now -- and staying. Cheering broke out after the hearing was finished, as the spectators realized (according to the reporter there) that the judge would not penalize them for expressing themselves.

It's been soooooo frustrating. I did not know any of the victims of this debacle, but it could just as easily been one of my daughters at that movie showing. Or the Brick and myself.

Rot in peace, James Holmes.


(Thanks, Mark Lipinski, for passing this on via Facebook)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Did you see this online?

A 12-year-old kid trips, while visiting a Taiwan museum, and punches his fist right through a 17th century Italian painting. Value $1.5 million.

Notice what his mom does? (I'm assuming that's his mom.) She tries to hustle him away... 'hopefully nobody was looking.'

Yeah, right.

The museum's insured, so the painting, from a private collection, is probably insured, too. And the painting can be restored, I'm guessing. Sort of. Kind of.  (A more detailed report is here.)

But who in the world let a 12-year-old wander around with a cup full of something in his hand, to begin with,  IN A MUSEUM?!?!   (The cup got smashed against the painting, too.)

He may be mowing yards for a very long time to pay for this one. 

Poor thing...

Get On Board

Is a Nazi ghost train finally pulling into the station? 

A train, loaded with Nazi stolen treasure, may have been found, deep in an abandoned tunnel not far from Walbrzeg, Poland.

Or so they say. 

Two men have filed a claim to the train, which they say was probably on its way to Ksiaz Castle, a popular collection spot by the Nazis in WWII. The train was stuck in the tunnel and abandoned there, then the entrance covered over.

If they're right, the train could be loaded with everything from gold to paintings. (Remember Monuments Men?)

And there are plenty of governmental entities willing to argue that they should have a healthy cut of whatever is found.  Does that mean they'll get a share of the bodies, too?

Now there's a further twist: another group claims it 'found' the train two years ago, using maps and ground studies. That info these men must have stolen it from them.

The treasure hunter in me:  Talk is cheap. Prove it.   

 (No evidence, so far. The train's still buried, according to all parties.)

Shades of the Colorado 'Ghost Train' that disappeared off a bridge more than a century ago.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Keeping On Keeping On

Yes, last week was rough. One of the strangest we've both had for ages. But I've been lucky: good sleeping weather (even the hot days have a touch of coolness at night), a wonderful lecture (Thanks, friends at Smoky Hill Quilt Club!), and most of all...God's grace. 
    All the same, I wouldn't want to live last week over again. 
    A number of Friends Of The Blog have written in, offering loving support and kind words. They're all much appreciated. This is just one of those times in life when bad things happen -- and you must deal with it. Fortunately, we're not alone.  I am so grateful for people who care about us, as well as the Great Judge, who knew everything long before this all started happening. Meanwhile:

Ten mysteries that involve surveillance video. (From Listverse) While you're there, stop by:

Ten historical events that were much shorter than you'd think. Did you know that Julius Caesar was only Emperor for two years??

TV series finales -- some of the best, some of the worst.

Strangest rock deaths ever.  Everything from being hit by a taxi to choking on a ham sandwich (or was it a cocktail cherry?) to being creamed by a huge hay bale. (I am not making this up. Honest.)

Success = working to win. It's not luck -- it's patience and consistent, hard work. (From Funky Junk Interiors)

"How we avoid cable and watch tv -- free."  (From the Frugalwoods)

The secret to those la-dee-dah shining kitchen sinks: baby oil! (From Messy, Thrilling Life)

21 eensy, weensy mistakes and bobbles that had a huge impact on history.

A hobbit hole? Yes, this guy has been living in one for more than 15 years...

The fascinating story (rise, ruin and redemption) of the Psychic Temple of Long Beach, CA.
 Trust me on this one...if you're into architectural design at all, you'll love the details and photos on this post.

This is freaky...a Very Large Pothole closed Highway 93 in New Hampshire.

The can't-go-wrong color scheme that works for anyone. Not my words, but they've got a point. (From Apartment Therapy) They've also got a very cool article on:

Six ways to find more space on your cramped kitchen counters. Not that I -- ahem -- have any...

Working as a servant during medieval times? Boy, it was hellish, says Kirstey Alley (and a bunch of other celebrities).

Shaun King, spokesman of Black Lives Matter, and a recipient of an Oprah Winfrey scholarship given to black men...might not be. Why is this important? Because he has been a prominent voice in the shouting against police brutality to black men, arguing that it happened to him, too.
    Shades of Rachel Doelzal.

Cheese Zombies -- a much-loved school cafeteria food. Now you can make them at home. (My high school in Michigan didn't have these -- but we sure ate a lot of hamburger gravy and pig in the blankets.)

Jiu Jitsu 101 -- Hmmm!

Sound advice from Warren Buffett. (Thanks, My Frugal Miser)

Terrell Owens is "in hell." He's nearly broke and friendless, so he says, thanks in great part to blowing $80 million or so on bad investments and crappy decisions he likes to blame on others. (Although he admits, 'I should have known/checked/I'm not a good judge of character.') Oh, boo-hoo. He should be listening to:

Ryan Broyle, who makes gazillions in the NFL -- and lives quite comfortably on $60,000 a year.

What life would be like without a work-life balance. Surprisingly, she's advocating for it! Sort of. (From Penelope Trunk)

Eight skinny suppers. Less than 300 calories each per serving, according to ol' Betty Crocker.

And finally:
A house on Cindy Street, selling in Brick, NJ. Guess what keeps popping up during a search for my name? Weird...

Have a great week.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Whale Photobomb

What happens, when you spend a bunch of time moaning about how scarce whales are, you can't find them, blah blah blah...

And a whale's blowing behind you, while you're talking about it?

Scientist Mark Carwadine got that interesting privilege...see how he reacts.