Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alien Cupcakes!

These are amazingly weird-looking...

...and very easy to make, thanks to Betty Crocker!

Pair them with Who Needs A Cape's Ghost Cookies and spooky drinks for your Halloween party.

Looking for Frugal Tips?

I'm a big fan of little (and big) ways to save. 

Living Life in Frugal Iowa just posted 25 more tips. (Her first 25 were pretty good, too.)

And here are five more of mine:

*Use your bacon in bits. A few slices go a lot further if diced and mixed into your scrambled eggs...or top a potato or bean casserole for a tasty main dish.

*Buy a plant you can split. Some greenery can be easily propagated. Geraniums, for example, will grow roots in water if you cut a long stem that includes a few leaves. (Petunias, too.)  You don't even have to go to that trouble for spider plants or strawberry runners; just bury the plantlet right in the ground. Go here for more ideas. Speaking of that:

Yes, this is a spider plant

*Start your geranium, rose or leafy cuttings in late winter. Come spring, you'll have healthy, thriving plants for your summer garden.

*Clean your windows with newspaper. Yep, that grubby, inky stuff really produces a nice shine.

*Once home, take your shoes off at the door. Not only will it give you extra mileage on your shoe leather, but your floors will benefit from less dirt tracked in.

I'll be on the election job all week...but am bringing a friend - a combined sinus and earache that make my head bang like a drum at times. The two crowns I got a few weeks ago can ache, too -- but based on the fact that loud noises can drive me totally nuts, I'm guessing it's mostly earache. Ah well -- you can still type in numbers and check names, even when your head aches now and then. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Elections, Hunting...and Arrow

I've spent the last week working for our local election board, checking signatures, counting ballots and otherwise shuffling incredible amounts of paper. Another week and a half, and I've got a tidy packet to help pay for our upcoming cruises. (More on that soon.)
    The hunters returned last night, dirty, tired and a little discouraged. It's been so warm around here that the elk have stayed up in the high country. (Otherwise known as the "black timber.") It's really, really difficult to get at them up there. Cold weather drives the animals down -- and that's what we've got moving in today. But Daughter #2 had to be back at work last night, and the Brick had to be at the office this morning. (Daughter #1 hasn't had any luck either, though her sister got a buck.)  

    The Brick has been watching episodes of The Arrow, a tv adventure series about Oliver Queen and his fellow justice fighters. It's full of humor, double (and triple) meanings, adversity and all sorts of fun fights. Not to mention cute guys.  The archery stuff doesn't hurt, either.
     I've gotten hooked on it, too. The concept, like Guardians of the Galaxy, is based on a comic book. Funny -- I didn't read that many comic books as a kid...

Don't forget about Phenomenal Gems' great new giveaway - - it ends Oct. 31st.

A new standing desk for laptop users. This is a clever alternative for an easy stand that's inexpensive, too.

Will canning food save you money? By the way, I don't necessarily agree with her conclusion... (From Get Rich Slowly)

Snowy ways to save the day. Whether or not you have a milder-than-usual winter, or really get dumped on, a little prep work will make life easier.  (By yours truly, via Midlife Finance)

The world's 18 strangest homes. (From Popular Mechanics)

Spooky Ghost Cookies. (From Who Needs A Cape) Add an orange candy nose and red-hot buttons, and these could be Snowmen Cookies, as well.

Getting to -- and staying at -- Los Vegas for free!  (From Frugal Rules)

The simplest way to get rich. Hint: it's easy, but it takes a while. (From MoneySmartGuides)

Chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookies...oh my.  Add a few nuts, and you've pretty much hit everyone's favorite flavors.  (From MoneySaving Mom)

A guy goes to a recent Denver Broncos game with his son, leaves for a minute...and vanishes. The police (and his family) don't know what to think:

Have a great week. 

Did you know that pumpkins are one of chickens' favorite foods?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

More Bigfoot Stuff!

Yes, I still collect stuff about Bigfoot.

Unfortunately, the hunters in the family, other than Angel's earlier experience, haven't seen or heard a thing. They come back tomorrow night.'s been far too lonely around here.

I did come across a fascinating interview with Bob 'Action' Jackson, a legendary Yellowstone ranger. He had three direct encounters with Bigfoot, as well as hearing about others, but was careful not to mention them until he retired. Here's his interview.
     This is particularly enlightening, considering one of the accounts in Rusty Wilson's Mysterious Bigfoot Campfire Stories is a first-person account of a Yellowstone park ranger who comes across a BF caught in an ancient bear trap, tranquilizes it, and pulls the trap loose. This person very matter-of-factly says that park rangers see BF a fair amount in and around the park, but are not encouraged to talk about it. Hmmm. (I sure haven't seen BF included on those silly 'wildlife you can see' National Park Service signs!)
     Wilson's book is a little wacky in spots -- but then again, all BF stories seem to have a touch of this - mostly because the observer finds it hard to believe what they're seeing.

Wilson has a very funny BF story on his website, about a deaf grandpa, his grandsons...and the Forest People, who keep on visiting.

Also found a recent post on the BFRO network, about a father and son who have regular doings with what seems to be a family unit of Bigfoot! (They even eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together.)

Soundwise, this verbalization video from Sasquatch Ontario is very, very freaky:

I am not sure whether to be amused...or terrified.
(Go to and put in 'Acknowledged By Name,' for much longer, funny/scary pronouncements by Whatever This Is.)

This one's weird, too. From East Texas. Doesn't exactly make you want to rush out to investigate, does it...

'He/she/it' is probably not around now, anyways...based on the dates of the vast majority of sightings in Colorado, they're gone by late November. Probably headed down the Rocky Mountain backbone chain to New Mexico and Arizona, where it's warmer.

See you next season, 'Squatch.

Friday, October 24, 2014

What's Happening With Libby

...our mutual friend Libby Lehman, that is. 

If you'll remember, Libby is still recovering from the effects of the stroke and aneurysm she had in 2013. What's especially wonderful: she has now improved to the point that she can use a walker! Wow...considering there were few hopes at times that she would make strong progress. She continues to have regular therapy, is speaking much more -- and in general, her improvements seem much better.

She still has a long way to go, though. 

You can help.

Libby's birthday is Nov. 12. Why not send her a birthday card?

Her current address is:
 Libby Lehman
 c/o University Place Nursing Center
 7480 Beechnut
 Houston, Texas 77074

 Encouraging notes, holiday cards or goodies would be welcome, as well. 

You can also visit the Inspired by Libby quilt auction, organized by Clara Lawrence. All of these quilts will be on display at Houston's International Quilt Festival this have a few weeks to bid. (Yes, you can do it online.)

100% of the proceeds go to Libby's Medical Fund. (As you can guess, finances have been tight for the Lehmans, and they could use the extra help.)

Go here for more on Inspired By Libby --

The quilts up for auction are here. And they're beautiful. In fact, here's one of them: Libby's Wildflower by Melinda Bula.

 Go here to take a look at Libby's wonderful quilts, and learn more about her.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

She Did It!

Daughter #2 got a buck! 

Her shot was the 'kill shot,' but as she said, the buck didn't know he was dead yet. The Brick's second shot brought him down.

Wow. You go, Angel...and plenty of delicious, healthy venison for fall and winter suppers.

(This was harvested in the Taylor Park Reservoir area in Colorado, for you Westerners who are curious.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Stupidest Clock in the World

I'm pretty sure a BUNCH of Denver Broncos fans are going to disagree with me on this...

but hey, this is weird.

Even the cuckoo wears Broncos regalia.

I do like the photo of Mile High. (Yes, I'm aware it has another name now -- but it's still Mile High to me.) Go Broncos!!

If you'd like this to grace your living room, the Bradford Exchange would be happy to oblige.
 Go here to order your very own cuckoo clock.