Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Family Members Gone

My uncle Bill died recently; we found out on the way to my recent Oklahoma City gig. Uncle Bill was a born-in-the-wool Hollander who moved to the States at age 3, along with his ten brothers and sisters. (The baby of the family, Bill died at 92, having outlived them all.)Their family homesteaded in South Dakota...where Uncle Bill met his bride, dad's sister. Apparently, Bill was walking by the open door of the classroom where Wilmetta was teaching. He turned and said to his friend, 'That's the girl I'm going to marry.' 
    They were together more than 60 years.  

Uncle Bill
From what The Mama said (she attended Uncle Bill's service in Michigan), their community had an interesting way for boys to ask girls out -- the girls would gather in a large circle, then the boy would hop out of his car and tap his chosen date on the shoulder. If she wanted to go out with him, she'd get in his car. This was the way, apparently, that my grandpa and grandma DeVries met! 
    The girlies' response to this was horrified: "Sounds like they're stalking, Mom." It sure wasn't the way people did in my high school. But then again, very few of them were reserved, quiet...and Dutch.
     It's hard to see family members who you knew so well as a kid, moving on. Uncle Bill was a kind man, known for his love for his kids and wife, and his work ethic. His daughters especially will miss him; he loved them dearly, and loved to tease them. 

     We lost another relative last week: our aunt, Mary Pat Brick, in Billings, MT. Pat met her darling Bill while she was in kindergarten, and had never ceased to miss him since his death from cancer decades ago. But she loved her daughter and son, and her grandson Miles. She was a wonderful, kind woman, and we loved her. Pat was a little over 90 and in poor health; daughter Jane was she was happy to go. But we will still miss her.

Yes, the New England Patriots got handed their lunch by the Denver Broncos. And don't believe all the whining about "well, they had to play in a blizzard." It wasn't snowing THAT hard. Goooo....Broncos!

A thoughtful look at how quilting mixes with faith. (Click on this link, then click again on Pomelia Wasdin's talk. Yes, she mentions some things I said -- but most of this is her take on the subject. Wonderful.)

Wearing a LIVE turtle as a decoration? Apparently, they did do it -- or were urged to, at least -- according to this 1898 magazine ad. (Ewwww -- thanks to Karen Alexander for mentioning it.)

Yoko and John -- another viewpoint. An interview with someone who knew her well. And didn't admire her that much, either, because of it.

Some of the wackiest endings in college football. LOVE this stuff. In keeping with that...

The twenty richest quarterbacks in the NFL. And they're not necessarily the famous ones, either.

A $14.99 shelf that turns industrial...thanks to IKEA, boards and a little bit of elbow grease. (From Apartment Therapy) From this:

To this:

Unsolved mysteries of the American Revolution. Also from Listverse:

Ten gutsy kids who foiled their kidnappers. 

Where's Jefferson Davis' stolen quilt? (From Civil War Quilts)

Who knows what you'll find in Colorado, if you really look...

And this graphic has more truth to it than I care to admit:  (Thanks, Chris Rock)

Have a great week.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bunny Words

For those of you out there who LOVE puns...

Deer Dawn

Darling cousin Dawn Cumings is the latest family person to get their animal -- her Thanksgiving hunt produced a nice fat doe!
(As Dawn puts it: "our organic meat for the winter.")

Attagirl, Sweet Cuz.

I'm here, recovering from Turkey Day, work and a little bit of Sit Down and Rest-itis. It's been a long week. Hopefully you're getting some relaxing in, too.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday (ok, Tuesday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Gobble, Gobble

Had a wonderful time in Oklahoma City...and learned all sorts of rude Texas jokes! Seriously, these people are some of the nicest. We looked at a lot of old (and some new) Western and pioneer quilts...and even made a few Snowballs. (Fellow quilters will get the joke on that one.) 
    Huge piles of snow were at the start...and the finish. We also saw people and truckers pulling out their in-the-ditch vehicles here and there. (Yes, the storm was that bad in our neck of the woods -- nearly 2 feet of snow, though Denver only got about 3".) The roads were thankfully bone-dry throughout our trip.
    The Brick and I got home just in time for a pile of work...and the next storm, which is supposed to roll in on Thanksgiving. I have barely had enough time to look sideways at the turkey, which is thawing in the sink, let along think about baking the usual pay-can pi-eee. Oh well, it will all get done somehow. 

Nov. 17 was National Bread Day. To celebrate, here are celebrity sandwiches -- made up to look like celebrities! 

A simple -- and brilliant -- solution to a stained coffee table. (From The Boondocks Blog)

30 priceless one-liners. Including one from our buddy, Winston Churchill.

Stolen art -- including five cases where the art was recovered.

Another connected case -- hundreds of stolen art pieces found hidden in the apartment of the elderly son of an art dealer. (The authorities busted him while looking for money launderers, ironically.)

A beautiful wedding dress -- crocheted out of doilies!

Ten things under $10 to send your favorite missionary. Or out-of-town friend. Or family member.

Seven things learned during 7 years of blogging. (From Budgets Are Sexy) It's hard to believe, but next month will mark my 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, friends.

Is it safe yet? Can I hide in with the chickens?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dancing - Who Won?

From a September video posted by the Daily Star:
    The Houston Astros' mascot and a security guard get into it.

Wait for it, wait for it... wow.

Did two lectures today...class all day tomorrow in Oklahoma City. Glad I've got staffers to help out in Colorado -- even so, Charley the dog must be wondering where all this white stuff came from. (We're supposed to get another storm tomorrow.) I'm just hoping it melts off enough to get us home on dry roads. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

AIS Celebrates Autumn

Friend Constance teaches at the American International School in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Here's her school's take on their annual Autumn Festival. 

Gee...Colorado's got more than a foot of snow on the ground, courtesy of our latest snowstorm. 
   Can I come stay with you?