Friday, December 18, 2009

Life Goes On...

Including a stop at the Governor's Mansion, to take the tour and admire the Palm room, full of large glass windows and sunshine. (Not to mention the 'jadeite' lamps in the hallways. Remember those candles you made in milk cartons, using ice cubes to get a 'Swiss cheese' look? They looked like that -- made out of jade. Very cool.) The holiday decorations were quite lovely -- you can see them here.

Then a wild cookie-decorating party with the piano (and voice) kids. Frosting EVERYWHERE. (But fun!)

I'm just beat. But not too tired to smirk at the guy who murdered three people, shot at two others, then tripped on his own fallen-down pants (he was wearing lowriders) and fell three stories to his death, as he was trying to shoot at another person. Oops. I keep hearing a song from kidhood:
    "My pants fell down, my pants fell down, my pants fell down on Main Street.
      I pulled them up, I pulled them up, I pulled them up on Main Street..."

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