Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Morning Stuff

What a surprise! Go out of town, and your friends leave piles of presents in your apartment when you return. (Unfortunately, they're your vacuum, books, clothes, stuff in the freezer...) Sounds like guys, doesn't it?

And this inspiring post about Faith, the two-legged dog, who learned to walk on her hind legs. She's been visiting veterans' centers with her caretakers. Gutsy, gutsy.

One of our boys has not been doing well. Weimaraners often have hip trouble, and Goonie's had a lot of difficulty getting up. (Goonie is short for Gunther -- Weimies are a German breed.) One eye has not been good, either -- his inner eyelid keeps showing, and the eye is red and inflamed. The bad part: he's 13-plus. He'd need a hip replacement, something we can't afford. (I'm not sure he'd survive the operation, anyway.) He's doing better today, for which I'm grateful. He got up twice by himself -- and without our urging. Amazing. I'm grateful for his cheerful, uncomplaining nature. Needless to say, he's been getting extra petting and snacks -- something which our other Weimie, Buck, is desperately jealous of!
   The worst is not over. But at least Goon is better.

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