Friday, July 16, 2010

Basting in the Summer more ways than one. The concrete is too hot to walk on barefoot, and the flowers in the planters look wilted every morning, in spite of a vigorous watering the night before. (Tip: try growing zucchini in a planter pot! It looks wonderful, like some sort of exotic jungle plant. I've had some of my best zuke crops from planter pots; I think it can get too cool at night sometimes around here for some of the warmer plants, like tomatoes and zukes. But put them in a large pot, on top of a concrete deck that releases heat during the night -- and they do great.)

It is almost impossible to transplant anything right now -- though the Russian sage on Goonie's grave is hanging in there. This type of sage will take a lot of guff anyway, which is encouraging.

On the plus side, you don't feel like going outside much, and the cool basement (where most of the Brickworks inventory is stored) beckons. Maybe I'll have to do some organizing this weekend.

I've mentioned Moneysavingmom before as a great spot for coupons and savings. (Right now, for example, she's got a link that will get you 28-cent steaks from Walmart!) MSM's post on easy money saving ideas for cooking is a jewel. (You'll understand this even better when you see where it's coming from.)

Husband sent an advertisement for Frito-Lays potato chips in the Jackson tunnel...look at the ceiling first!

too bad they don't make iced potato chips...salty sounds good. Hot (or at least non-cold) doesn't.
Hope your world is less steamy than mine right now.

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