Saturday, July 3, 2010

Decorating -- Made Encouraging

There are very few decorating blogs out there that actually encourage you to express yourself.
Using materials on hand -- or what you can rustle up inexpensively.

Emily of Jones Design Company is one of them, which I happened on thanks to another easy decorator, The Nester.

Jones Design Company has an easygoing flair that's a cool breeze in a land of snootiness and big bucks. Take a look at her easy way to make a sign; I loved her hand-painted 'wallpaper,' as well. (Would I have the patience to do that? Not sure...but it's beautiful.)

Take a look; I'm sure you'll be inspired, too.


emily said...

thanks for the kind words! I am so glad I can inspire others to do simple projects.

Cindy Brick said...

Emily, you are a huge inspiration to those of us with little time and less money...but a desire to have a pretty AND useful living environment. Thank you. I'm looking forward to learning from you in the future!

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