Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Progress for the Week

I've got a lot to do. Washing...don't you try to do that on Mondays? (Guess it's my Irish/Scot/English grandma's influence.) A big pile of dishes from the weekend. Two dogs to be washed and brushed. (Actually, that's done...Buck, plus Jack, Daughter #1's Great Dane mix, who's staying here while she hikes the Colorado Trail with friend Shannon this week. They -- the dogs, not the girls! -- are both shedding like crazy.) Water the plants, including the Russian sage on Goonie's grave.I'd love to transplant some stuff, but very little would survive in this heat.

Then on to business stuff -- orders to fill, an article to work on about Turkey Red, appraisals, and a little Hanky Panky thrown in to sweeten the pot. My staffers are off all week; they seem to think they should take some vacation time in the summer!

   Gotta cook this week -- no cheap tacos, since the Rockies are just doing awful right now. I was thinking about making soft pretzels -- these look wonderful, have step-by-step instructions, and healthy ingredients. Maybe a pretzel dog or two, as well, with the leftover dough. Some soup? A nice salad? Husband is still not up to par -- his flu went into pneumonia, and he's only gradually recovering his strength.

We've had our share of heat and dryness -- broke some records last week, in fact. It's a little cooler today. Hopefully, your weather is, too.

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