Thursday, July 8, 2010

VIB (Very Unusual Blogs)

...well worth reading!  I bumbled onto these while doing research on "An Adventure," a very odd book about a very odd day two Englishwomen had at Versailles in 1901. (They claim they were transported back to Marie Antoinette's time, and actually saw the queen herself painting in front of her show farm, the Petit Trianon. Fascinating, and some unexplainable stuff here, plus some controversy. More here, if you're curious about specifics.)

 Anyhow, there's a complete blog dedicated just to 'time slips' like "An Adventure" describes! She doesn't post very often, and sometimes her entries wander off into Wackyland. But they also led me into several interesting side roads, like the repeated Bold Street sightings in Liverpool, England. (Some fascinating stories here.)

And that blog led me, in turn, to an unusual blogster who loves old European history, especially medieval and ancient Roman sites. She's big on churches and monasteries, too. LOTS of photos and intriguing places on this one. Start with this post: "what you can find in cellars," about a tavern that planned to expand its basement -- and stumbled onto an old Roman era bath during the excavation!

Cool, especially for Americans -- we just don't hear that often about stuff like this across the pond. I plan to come back and visit these blogs now and then, just for fun. Who knows, I may also learn something!

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