Friday, April 13, 2012

An Intriguing Patriotic Feedsack

...and a very, very rare one. In all the years I've been teaching and writing about textiles, I can only remember seeing this WWII feedsack once for sure -- in Nancy Kirk's collection. (Seems like I saw it in a photo, as well.) Well, now the photo is a definite -- 

You can see it via its original Ebay listing, as well.

"Material seems very crisp and unlaundered," says the seller. "The printed label information along one edge is Kent's - Cloth of the United Nations - 233. The dimensions are 36-12"w x 43" L. Full of many different wartime scenes and symbols such as: Pearl Harbor, Red Cross, The Russian Bear at Stalingrad, Flying Tigers of China, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Bad Eggs Keep 'Em Frying (showing Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo in frying pan), etc."

Heavy cotton, heavy-woven. (Had to be, to keep the flour, etc. intact.) An absolute steal at $27 and change.

The "bad eggs" mention has stuck with me for all these years.  Strange, that I just did the other Egg post, and now eggs show up again...

Speaking of steals, don't forget -- the Stars All Around book giveaway is still going strong. You've only got until Sunday at midnight; take a minute to leave a comment at the original post. (If you're subscribed to this blog via e-mail, or 'following' it, let us know that, too -- that's 3 extra entries.) Good luck!

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