Friday, June 15, 2012

Have Your Cake -- And Wear It, Too

Did you ever have a Barbie cake for your birthday?

(I know guys read this blog...maybe they had G.I. Joes.)

As a kid, the Mama took one of my favorite Barbies and gave her an elaborate hoop skirt made out of cake, with frosting 'ruffles.' She also did it for our girlies, who were thrilled. I thought more about that, when I saw this post from Frugal Upstate, one of my favorite bloggers:

Making a Barbie cake without a special mold.

Ok, this one's from Jen at Frugal Upstate...
   and the photo below is what got me to thinking about Barbie cakes again!

This one's a 'wedding dress' cake, via Pinterest, from (Here's the full link, so you can take a better look at it.) More effort, obviously (including an extra small cake for the 'train'). But if you used one of those decorative miniature dress forms...and some frosting decorating tips...and some practice...
    I think you could do it.
Can't you see this as a Victorian-style cake, for a friend who loves old things? Or a special dessert for a fancy tea?
    It's one of the loveliest -- and most innovative -- cakes I've seen in a long time. Gives me ideas...that may be bad, or it may be wonderful!

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