Saturday, June 2, 2012

Keeping Cool...Even When You're Not

One of Money Saving Mom's readers wrote in, asking how to keep her children (who slept on the second floor) cool during blistering-hot nights. Made me think of Michigan summers, where nights were sometimes an exercise in how to keep breathing through the sweat. For some odd reason, the hornets who lived outside kept sneaking in, and hiding in our (apparently) nice cool bedclothes. I got stung more than once, just by going to bed. (Guess they didn't want to share.)
    Colorado can be just as hot -- but rarely as humid, which makes it slightly more bearable. Here are things we do that definitely help:

*Keep the curtains drawn
*Keep the windows closed, first thing in the morning. The Brick started doing this. I pooh-poohed it at first, but you can really tell the difference about 11 a.m.
*Open the windows in late afternoon or early evening, when cooler breezes start gathering. 
*Doing a wash? Let some of the clothes dry inside the house -- especially towels. Hang your clothes up on hangers, then let them drip-dry. In Colorado's dry air, this can make a real difference.
*Drape a wet towel over your fan....or hang it in front it. (Careful not to shock yourself...) Or put a pan of water in front of the fan. A side bonus of the pan-of-water theory: it attracts and traps any fruit flies you might have hanging around the house.

     Little bottles of spray water, periodically misted into the air or on yourself, help, too. Both our girls were born in August; I would have been a lot more miserable without my handy spray bottle. It's extra refreshing with a bit of lavender oil or lemon peel included. (Some people add cucumber slices or mint, as well.)
    Ironically, I will often read about blizzards, Christmas tales, and winter-related stories during hot weather. Feels cooler, somehow.  Ice Road Truckers airs in this season, too (in fact, their first episode is tomorrow, June 3!) -- lots of fun to watch them careening down the hills, muttering about whether their brakes will hold on all that snow! 
    The other thing to remember: this too will pass. All too soon, we'll be back to frost and chilly weather. Enjoy the warmth while you can...

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