Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff

 Life -- and the heat -- go on. Although we're hearing that the fires around Colorado are doing better, smoke and haze are thick in the air. Weather forecasters are saying that July will continue on like this pretty much all month. Oh goody.
    In the meantime,things found while wandering the 'Net:

The Supreme Court just struck down the Stolen Valor Act. Although the Brick pointed out that they didn't deep-six the act itself -- only its scope -- I find this extremely discouraging. Apparently, it is ok to lie about your past as much as you want, militarily speaking. Sure, you earned the Medal of Honor. Sure, you were in terrible circumstances in Afghanistan. (An update on this here, too.) Say what you like -- it's 'free speech.' Who cares if it didn't actually happen?
    Well, I do.

A guy who's been living in his van while he attends Duke University. (My former boss, TightFistedMiser, has been experimenting with this, too. Not that it would be thrilling in this weather.)

Did you buy Skechers, thinking they'd help shape up your patootie? Well, now you can get your money back. 

A wonderful array of buttons, from tatting to abolone shell, old and new.

The couple who spent hundreds of thousands on international sweepstakes scams, until their children stopped it. (And helped act as unwitting money launderers, to boot.)

Speaking of snakes, the Brazilian motorcyclist who filmed himself going 175 mph...with a passenger he didn't know about.

Free-range pumpkins and eggs...and a peaceful life. We have three squash plants growing in the back lawn, thanks to  our lawn guy/teenager Jake, who filled up the holes the dogs dug with shovelfuls from the compost pile. Since our lawn looks crappy anyways because of the hail, I plan to make a 'squash accent' out there for the season!

Starting July 1, it's gonna cost you $50 to throw up in a Chicago cab. (And I had such plans...)

Daz Dillinger makes it rain homeless people:

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