Monday, January 21, 2013

Aid for Monty Python...and Free Pizza!

Poor old John Cleese has money troubles.

He divorced Wife #3 some years ago, and married Wife #4 last year. Now he's having trouble coming up with the bucks for Wife #3's settlement. (Yet another powerful argument for sticking with Spouse #1, and working the problems out, if you can. Or at least Spouse #2.) 

He had to sell his favorite car. Now the helmet he wore in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as well as a number of photos, are up for grabs.
    You can buy the helmet for a cool 999 pounds. (Isn't that about $3000 American?)

The photos are more reasonably priced, and include stills from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Still one of my favorites, though the lumberjack sketch is also a honey.

Hey, we all have copious amounts of cash to spend on stuff like this. Help the poor guy'll find the full report here.   
    (I love the man's work -- but really, he should know better.)

****** From the Grab This Now! Department: Papa John's is giving away a free 1-item pizza, if you can guess whether the Superbowl coin toss is heads -- or tails!
      Go here to register. If you're right, you get an e-mail coupons after Feb. 4. 

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