Friday, January 18, 2013

New Opportunities

   Got an e-mail yesterday. I've been writing regularly for the frugal site Penny Thots, but now I'll be writing twice as many posts.

   Got another e-mail, as well. Another client wants a whole series of short articles, on various subjects. 

Whoo hoo!

   I've been a writer, practically since I could crawl. This is a wonderful opportunity to keep doing 'PF' (personal finance) articles, as well as continue writing the quilting and craft articles and books that have been my bread and butter.  Meanwhile, like Donna Freedman, this site will continue to be my "playground for words." I want to keep telling you about new and unusual things I come across, as well as share quilting and craft history and developments.

It's a wonderful world out there, and I'm looking forward to exploring it more -- with you. Thanks for coming along on the ride.

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