Thursday, June 27, 2013

Libby Lehman...Want to Help?

This message just came through, regarding our mutual friend, Libby Lehman.

(She had a few strokes, if you'll remember, and is slowly, painfully recuperating. She must learn how to talk, walk and all the rest of the life's other things that we take for granted.)

Here it is...

Great News!
Bill Arnold (Libby's brother in law) has created an online account where donations can easily be made online towards Libby's medical fund using
The email address to use for the donation is:

And here's the June 19 update via Libby's Facebook (and CaringBridge) site:

Tuesday night - icing on our cake, 10 hours ago, Here's the Icing on our cake today, as reported from Diane: "This afternoon the Administrator, Mr. Scoffer, made his rounds as usual. The assistant, Ela, asked in Spanish for Libby to wave to him "Goodbye". Delores (a good friend of Libby and Lester's) said Libby gave him a big wave with her right hand. Ela was so happy about it what when I (Diane) got back from HEB she hugged me and told me how good Libby is doing." This must have been a thrill around the nursing center because during Sarah's visit later this evening she reported that two staff members made sure to tell her about Libby's goodbye wave before Sarah left. It is so sweet to have the staff as excited as we are! Finally, in closing for the day, some words from Lester:
"There are still some big hurdles but I am so hopeful after what I saw today. I will also tell you that every therapist, nurse, and cleaning person in University Place adores Libby."

You can catch up Libby's situation here and here.

Still thinking about and praying for you, Libby.

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