Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Brrrrr

It's getting chilly out. 
    We spent a chunk of Sunday night putting sides on the new chicken coop expansion. The Brick made it 6 1/2 feet tall, so we could get into it more easily...but trying to hold the boards in place, then screw them down while balancing on a stepladder, is making life interesting!
     If we don't get this coop done soon, the chickies are going to be pretty darn cold. The Brick hopes to finish it up in the next few days; he's going hunting this coming weekend. I want to paint it, as well -- but that can wait for a bit. can I persuade the younger chickens that they should use the new coop, instead of their drafty (but familiar) old spot? 
     While I'm puzzling on this (any suggestions are welcome):

More than 100 pumpkin dessert recipes. (From Crazy for Crust, a new blog I've just started reading.)

Photos that bring a lump to your throat. I dare you to look at these, and not feel at least a little moved.

Who taught you to be frugal? A Penny Thots post from yours truly.

Six beauty products that are a waste of money...according to Reader's Digest. (I still am partial to q-tips, no matter what they say.)

And in honor of the week: lippy political insults and quotes from all over the world, also from RD.

A teenager finds a 3.85 carat diamond! 

The morons who knocked over a rock formation...then had the gall to say they did it to protect hikers. Watch the video -- do you think they're doing this out of concern?

 Raising chickens update -- at Penny Thots, via yours truly.

Avocado spring rolls -- but a different version than I've ever seen before. (Plus links to other spring roll recipes.) Courtesy of 101 Cookbooks.

Holding steady, even when times are extremely hard. The prizewinner entry at MoneySaving Mom's 'envelope budgeting' contest. Then, on the flip side:

Seven life lessons from the very wealthy. (Thanks, MoneySmart Guides.)

A UFO descends over Iceland. What the heck do you think this is??

A gator goes shopping at Wal-Mart. (He didn't buy much.)

A Nazi solid gold cauldron, found not long ago in a Bavarian lake. I sure hadn't heard anything about this...

Remember: if you have a tantrum, there may be someone lip-syncing behind you, and wrecking the effect!

And in honor of Halloween, the list of Scariest Horror Movies ever. I still have uneasy feelings about Alien, one of the first movies I ever saw in a theater. (Grew up in a family who thought movie theaters in general were bad.)
     Plus my favorite Monty Python sketch...well, other than the one where the guys pretend to be pigeons in Picadilly Square. This one, 'Bring Out Your Dead:' sick but funny.

Stay warm...and have a great week. 

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