Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Snow's Coming

It's been getting colder all week.

Monday, we had rain all day. Today, it was warmer around the edges...but there's a faint coolness that promises a change. A big one.

The clothes on the line are finally dry. (The sleeping bags from camping, however, are not.) I need to clear everything out and put it away before tomorrow night, when...

First on the docket: stack fresh firewood by the back door.

Take the hoses off front and back faucets...after the chickens' water is filled, and the flowering kale gets one last hopeful spritz. (We've been playing Russian roulette with the faucets for weeks.)

Flannel sheets on the bed.

Pull out the turtlenecks and heavy sweaters. Thick socks, too. (The Brick has been teasing me for weeks about not wearing socks. Soon, he'll get his wish.)

Hot coffee and something warm from the oven. Looks like it might be:

Laura Ingalls Wilder's recipe for gingerbread...she was famous for this. I made some Monday night, while it was raining. Good! (From Full Bellies, Happy Kids)

Granted, I don't have to do everything this blogger does.

The mountains are already white. Our turn is next. (Denver may just get rain, but we're a thousand feet higher...at a projected 32 degrees for a low, that means white stuff for us in Castle Rock.)

     I don't mind, though -- snuggling with the Brick is a pleasure worth any number of chilly moments.

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