Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Hunting

Cooler chili, great stories and the smell of campfires scenting your heavy wool jacket. (Ok, a little sweat, too.) The chance to be up in those glorious mountains, with no rush to be anywhere. (Welcome to retirement.) Gunshots. And if you're lucky, the subtle movement of a bull elk as he steps out of the grove, aspen leaves shimmering as he moves.
    Welcome to hunting, Colorado-style.
The Great Hunters haven't gotten any opportunities yet, but we're hopeful. Meanwhile:

More on the latest Bigfoot (maybe) sighting! I had a chance to talk with Keith...

Ten weird nature developments -- including getting a chicken to walk like a dinosaur. (From Listverse) While you're at it, take a look at:

Ten unusual things about Einstein. The man designed a blouse? Made a MISTAKE?? (Or several.)

'The Idiot' thread. An interesting series of articles about a guy, his photographer wife...and some incredibly bad choices. (From Fabulously Broke) Which led me to:

The 'Laid Off and Looking Back' blog. A Wall Street Journal feature following the lives of several up-and-comers who have been looking for work. Or found it. Or didn't. Fascinating.

A couple's engagement announcement leads to ANOTHER announcement. Accidentally, kinda like.

29 'super creepy' Halloween foods for  your next party. (From WikiHow)

Two blasts from the past:
    A haunted stay at La Veta Inn
    Should you always believe what you're told?

Art as an 'alternative currency' -- other markets may be uncertain, but art auctions are going great guns. (From Appraiser Workshops -- appraisers reading this blog, take note. Lots of good stuff here.)

Ten lost treasures -- and how they're being recreated. (Including colored Roman statues and ancient beers. Hey, priorities.)

Dealing with jetlag -- how pilots and other airline employees conquer it. 

Have a great week. 

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