Friday, January 1, 2016

Getting On With 2016

Hope you had a fun New Year's Eve. Since Colorado's been hit with this cold wave, we (and our neighbors, apparently) have hunkered down and stayed home.We should probably have had some sort of party -- our fireplace opening is looking rather festive, thanks to a surprise gift from one of my piano students.
     A four-foot poinsettia.

A very Big Boy

We had appetizers, watched Open Range (we always watch a cowboy movie on New Year's Eve) and a sub movie, Gray Lady Down.  That's a bubblehead cowboy movie, right?

    And slept in until 10 a.m. or so.

Sunrise is overrated.

It was great.

Hot Coffee and a Farmer Fry started the day. (Guess the Hoppin' John will wait until tomorrow.) Then we spent a luxurious afternoon hanging out by the Christmas tree, reading (me), installing a new router (the Brick), and listening to Michigan beat the pop out of Florida in the Citrus Bowl. (Go Blue!)

No sign of the girlies -- still recovering from their New Year's Eve celebrating, no doubt. But I had ample proof they'd been around before, because our Nativity set was doing weird things:

A squirrel was kibitzing with the Wise Men...

Mary and Baby Jesus got invited to the conference, too.
     (Joseph must have been out getting the paper.)

The shepherds were conferring with a Boy Scout trophy and one of the spare Wise Men. (Yes, that's an elephant listening in, next to the cow and donkey. Don't you know your Bible history?)

And a piranha somehow leaped off a nearby shelf, and was chewing on one of the sheep.

One of Daughters' favorite things to do. Go figure.

Time enough tomorrow to get on with work...and life.
         Happy New Year.

Darn tootin', Lady! Now get down here and crack open a

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