Thursday, July 7, 2016

Barb Reynolds...and Memories

I have been meaning to show you what one of my students did in class when I was teaching in Oklahoma City.

Barb Reynolds took some of the goodies I handed out (like the cowboy fabric, which she hand-painted herself), combined them with her own fabrics and embellishments...

and came up with this.


This technique lets you experiment by combining bits and pieces from your other projects and interests. In one way, it helps clean up UFOs and leftovers; in another, it just encourages you to be a bigger packrat. (Sorry.)

Here are some more details of Barb's quilt. (Photos courtesy of her.)

Buffalo Bill is a photo-transferred antique postcard, by the way.

Attagirl, Barb. Nice job.

If you're curious about the Memory Quilts technique, go to Youtube and type in 'Cindy Brick Memory Quilts.' You'll get some teasers for the episode I did for the Quilter's Newsletter channel. (Quilter's Newsletter TV is well worth subscribing to, by the way.)

Here's one, to get you started. Just don't focus on the physical appearance -- I was exhausted that day.

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