Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Great Hunter Strikes Again

    Our new son Keith has been busy.

Bow and black powder season just ended in Colorado. (Rifle season's just begun, and will continue for weeks yet.) Handling a bow & arrow...and doing it competently enough to actually bag some game?

Keith's done it this season -- twice.

The first, about a month ago, was a young plump cow elk. (She's delicious, by the way. We'll have more grilled steak tonight.)

Keith and Daughter #2 had talked about seeing a large bull elk with his cows. That bull got away, but they noticed others. Soon after, came a photo:

Somewhere on the Western Slope, a twenty-cow harem is lonely tonight.

     (Actually, they probably just got snapped up by the next powerful bull.)

In Colorado terms, this is a 6x6 elk.  (Keith said it was a 12-yard shot, with the bull called in by "slutty cow calls." Amazing.)

Literally hundreds of pounds of meat -- gotten with a bow and arrows!

(Yes, this is the famous son, who's had contact with Somebody Else. He and Angel recently got engaged. She was almost grateful she didn't harvest an animal this season -- 'Where would we have put the meat??')

Good for you, Keith. We're proud of you.

When you're not a card shark, that is...

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