Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Welcome, President Trump and Vice President Pence

We have a new President...but it was a very close race. 

Hillary Clinton made a concession phone call after 1:41 a.m. Eastern Standard Time...ironically, within a very few minutes of when her campaign advisor took the stage at her campaign headquarters, said they weren't going to make any kind of decision...and urged everybody to go home. (Which they did.)

Guess she changed her mind. 

He also said "Hillary is here with us." But she wasn't.

(This is interesting -- an election predictor that was right on the money. But few people believed it could be true. After all, the polls and the experts were saying something different.)

Donald Trump gave his victory speech at 1:45 a.m., and it was a gracious one, toward the country and toward Mrs. Clinton. Subdued too, for him -- and definitely not as scripted, toward the end:

The song that plays after he ends speeches, including this one, is interesting:

Mrs. Clinton gave her concession speech this morning -- acknowledging Trump's victory, but quickly moving on to thank everyone else, including the Obamas, for their work on "our" behalf. (Yes, she was gracious, too.) She also urged the country to work together and move forward.  (For us textile nuts out there, I was fascinated by the suit she was wearing: dark charcoal gray, the color of mourning -- and purple, the traditional color of leadership and power. Trump's outfit was more ambiguous, hinting of the red/white/blue, but also the businessman: red tie, white shirt, black suit.)

Here's hoping this is a new focus on dignity and diplomacy.

     And a fresh step forward.

God bless America.  

Now for some sleep. I worked at election headquarters until 10 p.m last night....and left a bunch of people there, still doing their jobs, making sure everything stayed aboveboard. 

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Barbara said...

I like your wording: "a new focus on dignity and diplomacy." Yes, that's our prayer.

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