Saturday, June 10, 2017

Arapahoe County Quilters -- Last Day! And More

Yow -- what a week.

I've been working at the Arapahoe County Quilters show up in Centennial, CO. 

              And loving it.

    A ton of beautiful quilts, in a variety of techniques and styles.

    A healthy mix of vendors selling fabric, threads, kits and more.  (Yes, I bought some.)

    Great food.   Whoa, try the homemade cinnamon rolls -- they are amazing.

This is the show's last day (Saturday) -- if you're in the Denver area, or visiting here, it's at the First Plymouth Congregational Church at 3501 S. Colorado Blvd.  (Go west on Hampden -- yes, toward the mountains, fellow Coloradoans! -- from I-25. You only have a short time before turning south - left - on Colorado. The church complex is right on the corner. You can't miss it.)

* * * * * * *

Life has been extra interesting. We've been stuffing a lot in.

Our dear friend Thommy landed back in the hospital for surgery and recuperation all week. But Thom and Chris also had:
        *a severe reaction to one of the meds, with an itchy rash resulting, plus a fever. (Thom)
       *their fourteenth grandchild  (born mid-week). Welcome to the world, sweet baby!
       *a supper for 18 people (next day)
       *another son's family visiting from Alaska -- which meant DIA pickup/return trips, entertaining the kids...and figuring out where everyone sleeps
      *taking care of those same kids while son and his wife enjoy a cruise all next week. 
             ( Thom said, "She'll be watching the kids. I'll be resting." Of course, this was all planned months ago, when everything was hunkydory.)
      AND Chris had to finish out her last few days of teaching for this year. 

I asked Chris, "Why does your family have to do everything at the same time?" She smiled: "That's just how we do it."

We still have Son #1 working on the bathrooms, the usual mix of dogs and chickens, plus jobs and music for Worship Team. (The Brick is leading this Sunday.) 

     Every minute either the Brick or I could carve out has been spent staying at the hospital with Thommy while Chris valiantly took care of kids, grandkids, food and work. Thankfully, Thom's recovering nicely and headed home today. 
     It's been mostly me at the hospital during the show. (The Brick did it earlier in the week.) That's meant 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. days pretty much all week.. And a LOT of driving.
    Then I get home, hack through the jungle at the house... and fall into bed to do it again the next day. 

Today's the last...for both the show and this crazy schedule. Then I can 'relax,' and just do the normal things:
     Like washing clothes. 
     Drinking coffee, instead of rushing off somewhere.
     Petting the dogs.
     Sweeping the grit off the floor.  
     Meals that don't come out of a can, cobbled together from leftovers, or grabbed from a restaurant.
     Plus finish off the results of three days' worth of appraisals...and more

Stuff like that.

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