Sunday, July 2, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Mice in the Freezer

It's been so hot around here, we needed a fillup on cold stuff. (Plus Safeway had a great sale on frozen burritos: 25 cents each.) 
     Unbeknownst to me, our neighbors had given the Brick a canful of dead mice for the chickens. (Jeff and Renee raise rabbits, and the rodents steal their feed out of the cages.) 
     "Stick them in the freezer until the morning," Renee told the Brick. So he did.
     I got home and was putting away groceries when I noticed the can. One muffled scream, and the Brick came running. "You weren't supposed to see those," he said.
     I had just read that limes and lemons could be useful frozen -- take them out, nuke them for 30 seconds, and they produce a lot more juice than fresh. 
     "If you took the mice out of the freezer and nuked them, they'd probably be pretty juicy, too," said the Brick.
     I think I will stick to juice for Brazilian limeade. (Our lemons are out right now.) Mouse-ade doesn't sound quite so refreshing.

Bernie Madoff's sons agree to forfeit $23 million...actually, the sons' estates. (They died in 2010 and 2014, respectively.) Now their families will just have to learn to make do with meager estates of $2 million and $1.75 million.

Ghost stories from the tallest peaks.

"Open the door. Now."  Three weird paranormal personal experiences -- from a guy who writes about it for a living.

David Bowie's Tintoretto.

A free Chillbegone knitting pattern.  (Thanks, Ravelry)

Children of the Rising -- some who died after their first taste of chocolate and other sweets. A good reminder, especially for those of us with Irish roots.

A sad tale of babies separated from their mothers.  (From A New Life in the Country)

Ten REAL endings for classic fairytales.  (From Listverse) Plus:

Ten important books -- written while in prison. Including John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress...did you know that? (He also made lace, to help support his family. A friend sold it for him.)

Financial confession:  I became an escort. One in the confession series hosted by Budgets Are Sexy.

Poor old Greta Van Susteren has lost her show. For now, anyways. Aren't you "shocked?" She must have run out of cute blond girls to report on. (We used to watch her show intros, since she came on after Hannity, and saw both these details repeated over and over.)

A Viking toilet has been discovered! Apparently, it's the first...

Tax-free weekends in 2017.  Some states offer no tax on certain products during certain weekends this year -- yours may be included!

The jellyroll stained glass quilt. Wow, this is beautiful. Don't miss the backing photos, either. (From Quilt Matters)

A man, a fish...and a 25-year friendship.  (From Atlas Obscura)

Create your own life. Musings from Life After Money.

The art of the alternative.  (From Pretend to Be Poor)

The strange story of an abandoned pet cemetery...and a whole batch of murders connected with it.

An empty water barrel every night for a Colorado Springs couple. Who was emptying it? (Go to page 9 of this photo essay if you don't have time to page through.)

Everyday people, in the right place at the right time = 6 amazing discoveries. (From Cracked)

The latest Frugal Accomplishments from the Prudent Homemaker...done while the thermometer was at a high of ONE HUNDRED TWELVE DEGREES.  I need to stop griping about our 90-plus temps..

Just heard about a great source for checking airline prices -- particularly if your calendar is open-ended. Skyscanner lets you search for months on end for the best flights at the least prices. I haven't had a lot of time to research it yet -- but the little I've seen is promising.

Have a great week.

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