Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Yoo-Hoo, Bigfoot... You Still Around?

I haven't talked much about Our Buddy in the past few months...but that doesn't mean I'm not paying attention to him. (After all, we'd hate for him to feel neglected.)

One of you Gentle Readers gave me a big kick by writing:
     "I wanted to tell you that here in Texas, Mr. S is known as the Boggy Creek Monster. We just got back from vacation and drove through Boggy State Park and over Boggy Creek! I looked for him for you and yelled, 'Cindy Brick says Hi!' But no sighting or answer. LOL."

Well, I'm laughing!

Here are a few updates for your delectation about Mr./Ms. S...
                   otherwise known as Sasquatch.

*A Youtube video said to be the first clear thermal image of Bigfoot. Start about .45, if you're in a hurry...the real kicker is about 1:40, though. For some odd reason (shyness?), I cannot get this video to load.  You'll have to go here to see it.

*A new Colorado report on BFRO, from a 2015 incident in Estes Park. Near Rocky Mountain National Park, that is.  A bit tame, though.

*Did Rob Lowe see Bigfoot?  He says he did, while camping with his sons: "I'm fully aware that I sound crazy." He also says he worried about Mr. S killing him.

Well, call me skeptical.

For one thing, this wasn't an innocent camping trip. Lowe and his sons were deliberately out there, looking for signs of Mr. S. For another, they were filming an episode for a TV series. And finally, Lowe's account sounds wayyyy too dramatic. Is he recounting... or promoting? And where's the hard evidence?

Shades of the movie Trading Places, and the snooty socialite... "I would have groveled on the ground and begged for mercy!"

                                                                   Yep, that one.

*Kidnapped by Bigfoot. Maybe, maybe not. Creepy, nonetheless. (From Sword and Scale)

*Some DNA Yeti hair testing. The results, according to the cable series Destination Truth: 'an unknown primate high on the human scale.'  Hmmm...

*Another BFRO report: was a Bigfoot hit by a car, and his body confiscated by the authorities? This one's based on a 1986 incident in Georgia.

*One of the more compelling videos...of Ms. S carrying her baby out of danger. Could it be authentic?

I have a fun conference to look forward to: Denver's Mile High Mystery Conference, commencing Oct. 6-8, near DIA. Although some UFO stuff is mixed in, much of the focus is on Our Buddy. Many of the speakers are serious cryptozoologists, who see Mr. S. as a rare animal species that hasn't been fully documented. (I think so, too.) They're going to talk about sightings, physical evidence, whether BF has a specialized vocabulary of sounds...there's even an artist whose Sasquatch drawings are based on eyewitness accounts.


     I have had problems mentioning the conference to my family. One dear friend, who thinks I'm a little quirky, anyways, made the most valiant effort not to laugh that I have ever seen. (Hopefully she didn't rip anything in the effort.) Otherwise, the gamut of response has ranged from lifted eyebrows to outright sniggering. No matter -- I figure I'll learn some things, and get some articles out of it, as well.

Son #1, whose experiences on 'Sasquatch Mountain' were fascinating a few hunting seasons ago, is bowhunting there again this week. I made him promise to have his cellphone fully charged, in case he got the chance to take photos or record yelling by You Know Who.
     He looked at me quizzically, and said that his friends were talking about three bears hanging out up there -- and one of the ursines was especially big. I said, "Could one be...?" He laughed, and said he'd gotten a bear tag, just in case.

I'll keep you posted -- on everything.

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