Thursday, March 8, 2018

How Do YOU Think Of Jane Austen?

    I am a huge fan of Janie. She can write an ironic and lippy conversation in a cultured way few others can.
     Like many other Austen fans, Pride & Prejudice is my favorite. It was originally published in 1813, but you could rarely tell it -- the conversation is that snappy. Good for Jane Austen.

Sadly, she sold the novel outright to the publisher for 110 English pounds, rather than getting royalties -- her only book to do so. Even in its first edition, she would have made about 475 pounds -- double what her minister father earned in a year. Pride & Prejudice has been almost continuously in print since then.

Jane, drawn by her sister Cassandra about 1810 (Wikipedia)

Austen is far harder on Mr. Wickham and Lydia in the book, by the way, than they ever got in any of  the series. And Mr. Darcy isn't just prideful -- he's got plenty to be proud about. Which is the whole point: just because ya got it, doesn't mean you get to brag about it. People who do that "get taken down a peg," as my family would say.

Boy, that Mr. could she ever refuse him?

This version's good, too.

Much to my surprise, there's another wonderful version of P&P:

Pride & Prejudice...And Zombies?  You bet -- especially when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy duel while arguing. (The original pairs would have loved to do this, based on their heated discussions and obvious attraction to each other.)

I was surprised at how much I liked this movie. All the right phrases, and some great swordplay. More importantly, the Zombies Get Theirs.

Hey, waltz a little -- fight a lot. Why not.

It must be The Walking Dead influence.  If you're an Austen fan too, you'll want to try this flick.

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