Sunday, March 11, 2018

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Isn't It Spring Yet?

Colorado's had plenty of sun, wind and cold temps -- but what I'm really longing for are the green leaves that pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. 


Have they forgotten to come? Am I hoping for them too early? (Probably. We've got a storm coming in a day or two.)  Haven't they got the message yet? 

I have way too much work to do, to spend time worrying about it. But still...

The Baltimore parking lot that hides an estimated 5,000 bodies...left behind when a cemetery went bankrupt, and the developer removed only 300 or bodies. An even more penetrating analysis here, thanks to Atlas Obscura.

Having trouble with mold?  Trying spraying this mixture.

Fifteen Olympic scandals we shouldn't forget.  (From Harpers Bazaar)

"Egg roll in a bowl:" a thrifty recipe from Thrifty Mom in Boise. (I love this blogger.)

Sad items from Russell Crowe's pending 'divorce auction.'  (From Urban Daddy)

A handful of precious stones in the Prague National Museum's collection: FAKE.

A classic from yours truly -- one of the strangest, most delicious recipes you'll ever try. 

They found something unexpected in the house they bought... these are real doozies, via Quora.

A scientist is "99% sure" that some bones found belong to Amelia Earhart.  Even though they were originally identified as male -- and have been missing for decades now, so can't be examined today. Yeah, right.

Building a greenhouse, using plastic bottles? It's possible. Go here for an article, or:

 who sometimes follow the blog.  (From Appraiser Workshops)

Dealing with life -- if you're a stay-at-home parent who also works from home. (And what happens if you both do it?  From Financial Samurai)

An interview with Amy Dacyczyn, back in 2015.  (Thanks, Simple Dollar)

A British boxer wins a fight -- then heads to the hospital and dies. Strange.

An update from the inveterate RVers, now traveling with a group in Mexico.  Why should you read this? Because it's looking at Zapotec rugs. The best part: a fascinating side look at how cochineal dye (a vivid red) is produced naturally.  (From Kevin & Ruth)

How to add visual interest to your home, using raw or unfinished wood on the walls. (From Emily Hudson)

Skiers get trapped during an avalanche at Squaw Valley Resort. Fortunately, they were all dug out in time. You don't often get to see the digging-out process... but you do on this site.

Thirty interesting facts about Gone With the Wind.  Rhettt Butler had halitosis?!?

Ten extreme sports deaths.  Anyone else notice these are all guys -- and mostly young?  (From Listverse)

King Tut's back on Youtube.  ("He gave his life for tourism.")

Maybe Picasso's electrician didn't steal all those works, after all.  (From Artnet)

The best -- and worst -- of the 2018 Oscars

Have a great week.

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