Sunday, March 25, 2018

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: My New Resolve to stop picking on poor Mrs. Clinton. 

A wise friend asked, "What would make you respect her?" That made me stop and think. (Not that Mrs. C. would be that interested in my opinion, of course.) The answer is simple: I want what I would expect from anyone --  myself, politicians and public figures included:

          Defending those who cannot defend themselves
          Living modestly  (including not accepting money for favors)
          Putting yourself somewhere below #1 in your list of priorities

Is this happening in the public forum right now? Not too much... although Vice President Pence seems to be doing a better job at it than some. (If President Trump had followed the 'Billy Graham Rule,' like Pence insists on, he would be in far less trouble. It would have solved a lot of John F. Kennedy's problems, too.)

     Besides, I don't think Mrs. Clinton is well right now. Falling once and trashing out your wrist is one thing -- falling again in a bathtub and re-injuring it, that's another. 
    The worst part, though, is watching her slip twice, walking down steps:

Sure, the steps are narrow. (And that's been the excuse given.) But if you watch the people around her, they're navigating them in reasonable shape. Mrs. Clinton needs not just one, but two supportive arms, to get down -- and even then, her feet come out from under her. Looking at the video again, I realized  she even lost a shoe.

There's something wrong here.

She's wearing a lot of camouflaging clothes. Not much color in her cheeks. Just doesn't look healthy.

Speaking as someone who's had to be careful walking the past few months,* this video, plus the various slips and falls collecting over the past few years, suggest she's not steady on her feet. Somehow her balance is being affected. That could be anything from Parkinson's to MS, double vision to ear infections. But why? Because it's been happening more frequently, I'd guess it's something long-term -- and serious.

So get better, Mrs. Clinton. Hopefully Bill will give you the TLC you need.

Peanuts #27 adventure, 'Get Well, Charlie Brown,' via Pinterest

The book flails on. It's going well, but my deadline is the end of this week -- and there's much to go. Nine hundred bazillion little details need to be included, and I'm afraid I'll forget some. (Which I will.)
      I won't be getting a lot of sleep this week.

* * * * * * * *

*Charley the dog put his full weight on my knee back around Christmas...then I pulled some muscles in my side, no doubt from my body trying to shift weight away from the damaged knee. I've done a lot of limping the past few months, but am starting to improve.

Whoo hoo -- University of Michigan is in the Final 8!! GO BLUE!

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Have a good week.

I'm innocent, I tell ya!

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