Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home At Last

WHEW...the long month away is finally done. I taught the last Crazy Quilting class Saturday night. (Hi, fellow Rocky Mountain Crazy Quilters!!) We had a great time, slinging trims everywhere and traipsing around, admiring fellow students' work. This is one talented bunch in the CQ department.

I feel, though, a bone-deep fatigue, along with the relief. Missed an appraisal appointment yesterday, felt terrible. (Called the person who was actually scheduled today, instead...and thought I had a free slate, that I'd misplanned, since they were today. Didn't look at e-mail, and missed the message from the person who was actually scheduled. Yeowch. Please tell me you don't do this sort of absentminded behavior.) I am starting to realize that a few days off to wash clothes and putter are critical, before I start up again. Otherwise, my body takes that time that hard way -- I miss deadlines and commitments, forget to send birthday cards, etc. Not good.

Aha well. It's a glorious, blue sky day -- and the fall colors are 'sort of' still out there. I've got some work to do. More later. It's just nice to be home.

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