Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stuff I've Learned While Sick

*It doesn't have to be perfect, to be Good Enough. (Thanks, Get Rich Slowly, for reminding me of this.) With apologies to Nike, just Doing It wins an awful lot of battles. (With thanks to 43 Folders for reinforcing this concept.) The Brick wanted a hot supper, and the papers cleaned up -- not spotlessness everywhere.

*I can forgive myself for not being perfect. (See above.) In fact, if you're late/remiss, coughing hollowly into the phone will emphasize that you're not currently at 100% strength. Forgive yourself for not accomplishing that list of errands, finishing up the quilt, or completing your magnum opus. Do what's critical, and rest.

*Our dog Charley doesn't have a clue what's going on. Food, he gets. Car rides -- a pleasure. But Mom, staring off into the distance? She must need entertainment. I've had any number of damp pull ropes and squeaky toys dumped into my lap these past few days, expecting to play. (He can be persistent.)

*Hot soup, tea and coffee do a world of good. I can't taste much, but they're soothing, going down.

*The longer and wordier the book, the more I'm interested. Rereading the second volume of Winston Churchill's biography, The Last Lion: Alone, by William Manchester. Marvelous. I wish Manchester's heir would hurry up and finish Volume #3.

*Strange television programs -- and movies -- make a lot more sense when you're sick. Or watching at 2 a.m. in the morning. Trust me. I know.

Oh yes, and the U.S. Census Bureau reduced its estimate of same-sex married/partnered households by almost two-thirds. (Yes, that's right -- nearly SIXTY-SIX PERCENT.) Same-sex married couple households were dropped to 131,279 from 349,377. (The number of estimated same-sex unmarried partner households was cut to 514,735 from 552,620, a 7 percent drop.) Total number of same-sex couple households is still less than 1% of all American households.
    Less than one percent. Is our culture focusing on this lifestyle just one percent of the time? Is it in the news only this much?
    We have a cross-gender cousin -- who we love dearly, in spite of the years and miles separating us. She's in a married relationship with her wife. I think  that she would appreciate not being made a special case -- just let them get on with their daughter, their studies, their work. Stop fussing about it, and just let them live.
     The Census Bureau blames their gaff on worker mistakes. I wonder...

I'm hopping back in bed, with Churchill and a cup of tea. The flu is on the wane, thank God, but I run out of steam fast. Hope you're doing well.

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