Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Waddaya Mean, It's Tuesday?!?

Tonight, I went out for a fresh seafood dinner with friends...then we drove out to the ocean and took a walk on the beach.

No, I am not in Colorado.

Wilmington, NC, is my current spot, for the North Carolina Quilt Symposium. ("Noath Kay-a-laaana" for all you Nawthunas.)

Judging was today...and oh my, the quilts are lovely. (A surprising number did not include borders -- is this a North Carolina thing...or just copying the current Quiltcom-influenced style?) 
    I get a vacation day tomorrow, then it's appraising and classes through the weekend. There are class and appraisal spots left -- class spots with other teachers too, of course. Take a look at the link here, and come visit!  
     Meanwhile, here's what I noticed on the Internet. Sorry it's late -- but I had to drive more than 27 hours to get here. A day or two mentally disappeared in the process.

Should you take finance magazines' advice directly to heart, when it comes to purchasing stocks? My Money Design charted stocks that several publications were pushing, then followed those 'purchases' short-term to see how they did. The results are illuminating. 

Frozen limeade pie -- in a jar. (From Thistlewood Farms) I'm definitely making this one in the summer.

Five ways to make extra money at home. (From Len Penzo)

A little moneysaving trick that will produce great results. (From my old stomping ground, Penny Thots)

 Travel, see the world...and pay less. These retirees know how to do it. (A slide show from CNN Money). Speaking of:

A carnival of retirement. These are round robins containing a variety of posts by various bloggers. A quick way to find your favorite subjects on a theme.

Easy-to-make cinnamon knots. (From Cleverly Inspired - she's suggesting them as end-of-year teacher gifts)

All sorts of animal and bird cams. Not always live, unfortunately, but interesting, nonetheless. (From Discovery Channel)

Who's got the best vocal range, professionally speaking? Guns & Roses' front guy, Axl Rose... followed by Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler. (Even as messed up as ol' Stevie looks now?) Prince and James Brown round out the gifted list. The least-blessed include Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Oops.

Five lost treasures that are still out there -- two of these, I've never heard of.

How NOT to resign. If you're hoping for another job, that is.

Bibimap. Otherwise known as Korean mixed rice! This dish gives you all sorts of delicious options at a budget price.  (From Penniless Parenting)

'When I got my feelings hurt on the Internet.' A bit whiny...but she did learn from it. (From Blogher)

Six financial lessons learned from Godzilla. (From Donna Freedman - who else would be so goofy!) Puts my Mr. Bean conclusions in the dust.

Rearrange your office for more light and space -- cost: nothing. (From Thrift Cores' 'Curated Corners' section) 

Dealing with nighttime leg cramps. Also known as RLS, or 'restless legs syndrome.'

Have a great week. I'll be in touch.

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