Saturday, May 3, 2014

Olivia Dvorak -- And News

It's been strange around here.
     The Mama had a test this week -- and turns out she will need open heart surgery very soon, to replace a heart valve. (They use 'tissue' valves to do it -- actually, pig heart valves.)
     This means that I must put pretty much everything aside for now, and head to Michigan in a few days. I'll be teaching at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium at the end of the month, so will pack for that now, and take it with to Michigan. Then I'll drive from there by the 26th...then drive back, to spend more time with Mom.
     My schedule for May and June, normally jampacked with teaching gigs, has been strangely open this year. Now I know why God arranged that -- because I would be needed to spend the time with Mom.
     You'll be hearing from me...maybe even more, because I won't have the usual life activities to take care of. (They'll fall on the shoulders of the Brick, instead.) Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy this video of Olivia Dvorak, singing "Don't Come Knockin'." Our good friend Bert's son is currently mixing arrangements for her, and traveling as a backup band while she tours. Enjoy...

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