Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Musings

This is how I feel.

Ever since Karma, Daughter #2's dog, has been staying with us, I now have three pairs of eyes staring hopefully, instead of just two. Three doggy butts to scratch, three heads...and you wouldn't believe the race to be the first one outside at morning and night. Exhausting.

This is Karma, by the way. And yes, our Colorado mountains really do look like this.


Karma goes home tomorrow. Angel and Keith have been bow-hunting for elk...but no shots, so far. They did, however, hear something odd one night that A. thinks might have been...wait for it... BIGFOOT! (Or at least "the freakiest thing I've ever heard out in the woods." Her words, by the way.)

I'll tell you more, once she gets back. Meanwhile, there's half a cord of wood to stack (we got it in Denver today), and appraisals to send off. We actually got snow Thursday morning, but you wouldn't know it -- everything is back to green and warm.
     Go figure.

No, this is not a Bigfoot-ess

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