Sunday, January 3, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Cheyenne, Here I Come

It's a little sad that the holidays are over. 

Not that they were outstanding -- in fact, they were pretty quiet. (And we sure didn't decorate much.) 
    But they were peaceful -- a quality that has been in short supply in our lives these past months. "Peace on earth, goodwill to men" had a special meaning this year. I'm so grateful for it. In fact, since the tree didn't even get put up until Christmas Eve, we may keep everything celebratory for another week. 

Headed out early Monday morning to make the two-hour trip to Cheyenne, WY. We've had such clear, days, thanks to the cold air, that I should be able to watch the mountains off to the west of the highway, all the way there. That just adds to the pleasure of the drive. 
    Oh, and by the way, after viewing tonight's cremation of the San Diego Chargers:

(welcome back, Peyton... we missed you.)

From the "You've Got To Be Nuts" Department: a lottery winner who spends $21 million (including more than a million she'll never get back) to bail her alleged drug-using boyfriend out of jail. Is that how you'd spend part of your $188 million??

Pestered by money problems...and woodpeckers.  Five-Cent Nickel does some strategizing about various problems, some of them birdbrained.

Just found another great Brit blog -- this lady lives in Devon, and has incredible photos of sea life, birds and flowers. Beautiful Brixham is the kind of vivid-colored tonic needed for a dreary winter day.

'Bizarre' thrift store finds. (Actually, I'd buy the kitty painting below in a heartbeat. From The

Ten weird stories of interdimensional travel. Flaky...or not? (From Listverse) Also from LV:

Ten amazing scientific and archeological discoveries made in 2015.  And...

Ten fake stories people believed in 2015. One shining example: Donald Trump never made the comments about Republicans being 'dumb!' Speaking of the Donald...

Donald Trump's older, 'nicer' brother -- and how watching his troubles made Trump a better, more cautious man. (So The Donald says...but this really is worth reading. Explains a lot.)

25 recipes for takeout can make yourself! (From Bon Appetit)

One of the funnier wedding cakes you'll ever see! (From Pinterest)

Funny wedding cake - My wedding ideas:

2016 predictions - and goals. It will be interesting to see if he's right. (From Financial Samurai)

Live like Grandma -- a challenge from Pretend to be Poor.

Betty Crocker's most controversial recipe for 2015. I would have never picked this one...

The top ten articles of 2015 -- from Budgets Are Sexy.

A major league baseball pitcher -- who lives in a van.

The affluenza kid and his mom have been caught -- in Puerto Vallarta! (I wonder if they were there while we were...maybe so, maybe not.)

Three brave-and-bluff adventurers who are trekking in Iceland...have to be rescued three times?!?

Andy Warhol's flowers. (From Skinner Auctions)

The latest on our buddette, Libby Lehman. She continues to recover from a life-threatening stroke.

Our garbage-scavenging blogger shares his best 2015 finds. (Here are his best 2014 finds, for comparison purposes.) Lest you turn up your nose at this, he's made tens of thousands of dollars rummaging through trash bags on the curb. (Now couldn't you have used that kind of cash?!?)

Have a great week.

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