Friday, January 13, 2017

Life in Zanyland - And Courage

     I have been fighting off the Michigan flu all week. (Shared thanks to The Mama's recent visit.) I'm winning, but it's been interesting. 
     Tomorrow is a big Seniors Luncheon at our church. Normally I would be the one running it...and I've got a post coming in the next few days on cooking frugally for a crowd. 
     BUT tomorrow is also appraisal day at Holly's Quilt Cabin in Littleton. (Go here if you're interested, and want to know more!)

*I've got two of the three soups cooked and ready to heat.

*The chicken wings (three different kinds) are thawing -- just need to be brushed with sauce and baked tomorrow.

*Several different kinds of cake are baked and ready.

*A bunch of people are coming to help set up, take down -- and serve food.

The Brick has kindly offered to help supervise the mayhem. He's a little scared, but willing to try -- and several of the people helping have done this for years. 

     P.S. The Christian Motorcylist Club is meeting in a side building during the Luncheon. A bunch of people are also planning to use the church bathrooms to dress for a Civil War Ball that night, put on by a homeschoolers group. I mentioned this to the Brick, and he burst out laughing. Seniors, bikers in leather jackets, and Civil War belles with crinolines and hoopskirts, all mixed together and wandering around:   "What will the neighbors think?!?"

I'll head over to church tomorrow morning about 7 a.m., make sure stuff is laid out, the first batch of chicken wings ready to bake, and the soups simmering. 

Then it's on to Holly's and appraisals. 

Pray for us. 

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