Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Smoky Hill Quilt Club Fundraiser

I've been working with the Smoky Hill Quilt Club on their 2017 fundraising quilt:
                          "Spooling Around."

Gray octagons and squares, right? Take another look: it's actually scrappy-pieced Spool blocks. I am fascinated by the setting  -- it almost resembles an angular Double Wedding Ring. 

Heavy quilting includes plumes and all sorts of feathers, including double waving feather vines in the outer scrappy-pieced 'piano keys' border. One outer corner features an embroidered sashiko motif; another has a sewing machine. 

The Club will be awarding the quilt to the winner of a drawing later this year. Tickets are $1 each, or a bargain at 6 tickets for a cool fiver. Contact Sue Ewing ( if you're interested.

1 comment:

Sue Ewing said...

Thank you very much Cindy. I enjoyed our time while you did the appraisal of the quilt.

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