Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snowmen, Snow Dogs, Snow...

It's snowing right now. Lovely sight.

The Brick and I made it through yesterday. Thank God. There were some strange twists -- I got to the church to find the kitchen crowded with guys from Prayer Breakfast, scooping up burritos. (Sweet men -- they insisted I have one, too.)
       The church refrigerator died. (Thankfully, the soups I'd put in it were cooked -- and still cold.)
       The potatoes for the third soup disappeared, as did my box of sauces. (Turns out I'd left them outside the church kitchen door the day before. Thankfully, they weren't completely frozen.)
      I finally found them -- and made soup #3 as quickly as I could. (Yes, recipe's coming.) Roared out of there late...but made it to the quilt shop on time, nonetheless.
       According to the Brick, the barbecued chicken wings disappeared in a flash. So did the buffalo chicken wings. The lemon and garlic ones, on the other hand, went begging. I said, "Why not just pour barbecue sauce on the lemon garlic wings?" The Brick looked puzzled. "Didn't think of that," he said.
      People enjoyed the Seniors Luncheon, he said. But the Brick only saw seniors -- no leather jackets or hoopskirts. Darn.

On my end, the appraisal day went beautifully. Whew.

We collapsed. Slept in the next morning... sort of. I had two dogsitting stops, the chickens to feed and a quick trip for milk and necessaries. Then a lovely rest all day, with time to visit Robin Hood, and see the latest Sherlock.

Maybe we'll go out and build a snowman. Snowdog. Or whatever.

(Thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest.)

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Barbara said...

LOVE the snow people and animals!! So clever.

When I put away Christmas decorations, I pull out my snowmen, to ease the blandness (is that a word?) of January.

Kevin Costner as Robin Hood - I love that movie, and especially the theme song.

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