Sunday, September 10, 2017

Monday (Sunday) Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Getting Things Done

I guess I have to say this, huh...

What a strange, weird week. We were supposed to go camping, to take our trailer for its first test drive -- and every day, we would say to each other, "Okay, we'll leave this afternoon." Then something would come up. Maybe a deadline didn't get done in time, or something broke down on the trailer. This job needed tweaking, or that client needed their appraisal Right Away. 
     So instead of wandering  -- we stayed home and worked. (And slept like hibernating bears every night.) The Brick just stopped and said, "Doesn't it seem like everything takes longer to accomplish these days?" 
     He's right. Being a responsible adult, as our daughters would say, just sucks. But at least we got a fair amount accomplished. Maybe we can get the heck out of Dodge sometime soon. Who knows. Meanwhile:

A Viking warrior's grave excavated back in the 1800s, complete with full kit (and two horses), turns out to be...a woman!    DNA results confirmed her sex. Another DNA test showed:

A psychic who claimed to be Salvador Dali's secret daughter... isn't. Too bad for her -- she'll miss out on a share of an estate still worth millions of dollars. She'll be happy to know, though, that his exhumed body's mustache is still intact. (Hey, the things you learn here, Gentle Readers!)

A new version of Pride and Prejudice coming to tv screens?

When the river runs dry.  (But you shouldn't. From Funky Junk Interiors.)

Five 'prep' things to do now to prepare yourself for an emergency.  (From Living Life in Rural Iowa)

$36 million...for a chicken cup?  Yup...and that record may be broken soon, with another Chinese porcelain piece said to be just as rare...a celadon green 'brush washer' raised edge saucer. (From Artnet)

Fifty things you can do right now, instead of spending money.  (From Making Sense of Cents)

A theatregoer gets thrown out for singing along (loudly and badly) to The Bodyguard musical. Gee, I know I've at least hummed along with songs...and sung some words, too. I was on tune and did it quietly, though -- am I a Bad Girl?

Truly weird bets made by famous people.  (From Cracked)

Wanna buy Johnny Depp's Kentucky farm? It's coming up for auction.

Christmas stocking ideas. Yes, that time's coming!  (From My Abundant Life)

Ten items frugal people reuse.  (From My Abundant Life)

Monet's glasses are up for sale.  You interested?

43 best stock tank ideas for kids swimming pools. Shades of pools and ponds... (from Freshoom)

Tax implications from loaning money to family members.  (From Taxact)

The last reigning king of Ireland...and he lives just off Donegal.  (From Irish Central) Speaking of that:

Life in the U.S. has been so wacky lately that maybe we should run back to England, and let THEM deal with it.  Like this story:

Hillary Clinton's pastor writes a book, collecting devotions he sent to her during the presidential campaign. It's on bookshelves now, from Abingdon Press.
      Only he didn't write one devotional -- he cribbed it from another pastor's blog.
      The publisher did a search -- and found a whole lot more that was plagiarized from others.   Oops. (And yes, I'd still mention this if it was President Trump's pastor. Plagiarism's a huge issue for this writer.)

On the other hand, the Brits may not want us! 

Have a great week. Get stuff done!

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