Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another New Color of the Year for 2018

Benjamin Moore's at it again -- telling us what the trendy colors are, and how we should all be using them. Big-time.

Their choice for the Color of 2018:

Caliente, #AF 290.

(You knew that meant 'hot' or 'spicy' in Spanish, didn't you? I figured so. 'Lipstick red,' I'd call it.)

Go here for more.   Here's Architectural Digest's take on it: "stop you in your tracks." (In a good way, they're saying.) I dunno -- it seems like another Aunt Corrinn shade to me. 

If you were wondering whether we're moving away from the muted grays, mints and limes of the Fifties, past the avocado greens and harvest golds of the Sixties, and heading at lightspeed into the flashy brights of the Seventies...

Yes. Yes, we are.

Compare that with the saturated tones of last year's choice, Shadow, and you'll definitely see what I mean.


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