Friday, December 5, 2008

Finding Bargains

I've been surprised.

If you're got the money to spend (make sure you do), Ebay's prices seem to be dropping some!

Pioneer and mining-themed photos are a must right now, for use in my upcoming books. (Old quilt photos come in handy anytime.) If they're old photo postcards, they have to be at least pre-1925, to handle the copyright issue. (Generally speaking, anything 75 years and older, illustration-wise, is generally usable...the main exception being Mickey Mouse right now. There are exceptions, and it's wise to check, but you are generally ok doing it. Don't just take my word here -- I'm no Great Expert, law-wise. But I have generally found it to be true. Home-taken photos, on the other hand, are usable. Period.)

I generally plan to spend at least $6-8 for each of these, with the really good ones going for as much as $20-25. The quilt photos will go as high as $250-288. (ouch)

So how much have I been paying for these in the past month? Four dollars. Six dollars. I just grabbed two Really Good ones for $3.99 total -- and a nice quilt photo for $5!

Is it that that collectors who normally pay Big Bucks are holding off? I'm guessing that's the case...

* * * * * * * * *
From the Christmas List department: Is your family scattered around the country? Need an easier way to let them know what you'd really like for Christmas? Here's what works for the Bricks: keep a wish list on your Amazon account. That way, Daughters, and especially Husband, know exactly what books, movies and other goodies I've been wishing for -- and I don't get weird stuff like chicken carvers and humidifiers. (Husband is a HUGE fan of gadgets and figures I should be, too.)

It works.
* * * * ** * * * * *
At least gas prices are going down -- around here in the Denver, CO area, I just saw a sign for $1.49 a gallon. Can you believe it!!! Our pockets will benefit greatly during the 18 hour-plus drive to Michigan in a few weeks.

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