Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beans..and Hobbit Homes

A few links, while I've been wandering around the Internet, that you'll want to visit, too.

One for the Pantry Challenge:  Frugal Dad talks a lot about beans. In many different versions. (Some helpful ideas here for getting through the month.)

And this, if you've ever admired those snug hobbit dwellings on Lord of the Rings: a hobbit home you can build for yourself! (Some nice links on this post, too. Thanks so much for passing this on, Frugal Zeitgeist.)

Another hobbit home here, this one built with bags stuffed with old clothing (for better insulation) and building materials, then plastered over. And this seems to be a admiration site for the earth-bermed hobbit home look, as well as general earth-built homes. Some practical how-tos for building green, as well.

* * * * * * *

Friends Joel and Cynthia Shigo are in town, and staying at the house for much of this month -- as well as a few weeks in Feb. (They came in just shortly after we got home earlier this week...on the heels of Da Mama's homegoing.) The Shigos have been working with missions in Hungary for the past decade; they're on furlough now, and planning on visiting here and there, as well as finishing up business before they have to leave again.

Our kids grew up together, and Joel and Cynthia have had an active part in our church life, as well. It will be nice to get to know each other again in these weeks of close contact!

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Forest Parks said...

Hey I just found out you linked to me.... Thanks very very much and I am glad you enjoyed the post. I love the hobbit homes!!


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