Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brrr...and Goals

Man, it's cold here.

The snow stopped and skies cleared, but even the sunshine had the impact of a refrigerator light. The house is like a giant popsicle. The boys arrange themselves in delicate curlicues, rump end snuggled up to the nearest source of warmth. (Usually the other dog.) Makes me wish I had a permanent fur coat, too, although I won't think that in July.

Ah well. That's what coffee is for.

In between here-and-there jobs, plus sending out a boatload of orders. (Where did you people come from, all of a sudden?? Staffers are still out on vacation, so it's just me for a week.) I've been thinking about goals for 2010. Yeah, everyone's considering that right now, including one of my favorite bloggers, Crazy Aunt Purl. Her conclusion -- to keep heading back to her 'happy place.' But if I said that, Husband would drag me off to the nuthouse -- and the girlies would help. (Sorry, Laurie.)

So here are a few Modest Proposals for 2010:

*I will enter more competitions. This weekend will mark the second bookpool that Quilts of the Golden West is dabbling its toes in: the Colorado Book Awards. (A few weeks ago, it got entered in the Spur Awards, which are given to the best Western-themed books out there.) Did you know that you have to nominate yourself for these kinds of things? Plus supply umpteen books (for free) and often an entry fee, as well? I think I want to be a book competition judge when I grow up...
   I hesitate to mention this, for fear I've have gone to all the trouble, and the judges will think my poor quivering little 'baby' is a doofus and laugh themselves to death. And if I don't win anything, you won't be hearing much, either...unless you ask. (And then I'll be embarrassed.) But it's called accountability. There, now you know. I entered. Two contests. Please don't hurt me.

*I will learn how to add photos to this blog. Last year, it was links -- which I figured out. Photos can't be that much harder.

*I will save 10% of all my speaking gig earnings. Off the top. And no exceptions, unless we have an earthquake, the Pope comes to visit...or something.

*I will make more of an effort to keep in touch. I do ok on the blog...but I want to do better. And I want to write letters weekly to the girlies and Mom. Maybe short notes will help.

*I will clean more -- in shorter periods. The house looks sooo much better when it's picked up. I am finding that I can get myself to vacuum, dust, and do dishes more readily if I break these tasks into parts. (Example: Run hot water to soak the dishes in the pan. Scrub those, put them in the draining rack. Put another load in the dishpan. Go off to 'see a man about a dog...' and read an article or two. Come back, put the clean dry dishes away, scrub the new dishes, and so on.)
     Secondary goal:  Hire someone to come in and clean overall at least once a month.
     Thirdundary (!!!) goal:  I will put away all of the suitcases of samples, stuff for sale, etc. after I get back from a speaking/teaching gig. No more living with piles and boxes until I get 'a minute.'

*I will make better use of freezer and pantry space. Participating in the Eat from the Pantry Challenge has made something very clear -- I am a stuffer from way back. A lot of times, I'll re-buy items because I can't see them, and think we're out. No more of this. I want to be able to glance at the shelf, and know what we've got. (Plus it's no fun to have packages cascade out when you open the door.)

*Ditto inventory and business space. It's a madhouse down there.

And finally:

*I will forgive myself for not being perfect -- and with God's help, just do the best I can. 

That in itself will help me get through this challenging, inviting year. Who knows what can happen! Now let's hear some of your New Year's resolutions -- that way, we can keep each other accountable.


Yvonne said...

Cindy, (1)you have no idea how much today's message helped me to realize that even famous teachers (that have been on TV!) struggle with the very same issues that I have. Breaking tasks into 15 minute spurts helps me a LOT (I have a short attention span).

(2) I do love pictures on blogs, but read your blog with pleasure nevertheless.

(3) As a past reader of Western magazines, your book has that same "feel." I suspect you'll do well, and look forward to hearing good news about it.

Cindy Brick said...

Yvonne, you are very kind! Hey, we all put our pants on, one leg at a time...well, maybe Martha Stewart has her housekeeper/assistant do it for her! :) Your comments lately have been a real source of encouragement to me...thank you.

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