Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pantry Challenge -- One Week Update

The challenge to live on the contents of your freezer and pantry continues. This month, my goal is to spend only $50 on groceries. So far, everything's fine -- even with two house guests. I did buy a gallon of milk (marked down to $1), 3 boxes of cereal for approx. $12 (Husband loves his raisin bran, what can I say), and a $6 (marked down) package of steak. I put half the steak in the freezer for later, and used the rest for an onion goulash.
   So $19 down, $31 to go. We've still got most of another gallon of milk, lots of eggs, and even most of a five-pound box of tangerines. With care, they should last into early next week. I wish I had more fresh vegetables, but we can get by for now -- we've got lots of carrots, and even celery and onions. Same old story: know that you're supposed to be getting by without something, and you begin to crave it...

One Frugal Girl is sticking with the challenge, too -- see her post here.

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Becky said...

Hi there! We're doing the pantry challenge at our house, out of neccessity. We have $100 budgeted, though, since the "food" budget includes things like cat food, shoelaces and dishwasher detergent. See you tonight!

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