Sunday, May 4, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: What to Do, What to Do

Spring is here in Colorado -- and the trees are blooming like crazy. (Except our peach trees, which apparently lost their blossoms to our cold weather weeks earlier.) It's time to plant, but I won't be putting in a garden right now, after all. The Mama's open heart surgery will be very soon, and I need to be there. That means packing for Michigan -- plus the North Carolina gig. Once I leave, I won't be back for at least a month. 
     The problem: when is the surgery? Do I plan to leave asap...or a week from now? I hope to know tomorrow.
     The Brick, bless his wonderful heart, will hold the fort while I stay with the Mama. The trick will be getting things done in Michigan, while I help out there, and yet keep life going at home. Meanwhile:

A fond (and slightly eccentric) look at Cary Grant.

How these 17 people paid off thousands and thousands of dollars of debt -- in less than four years.  (From Frugality Magazine)

Asphalt lilies? Yep...way under the ocean. (From the Weather Channel)

Six ways to doubt yourself -- and accomplish things, anyways. (From Get Rich Slowly) From the same place...

A new way to get rich slowly. Read this one carefully, and give it time to 'digest.' Some interesting concepts here.

A pretty little 'cage' dress -- made from your existing slipdress, plus ribbon. This is brilliant! (From The Felted Fox)

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, a big bunch of enchilada recipes, including 'No-Roll' enchiladas. (Yes, I mentioned these in a previous post, but they're worth repeating.)

Who doesn't enjoy a good belly rub? Actually, this seal looks an awful lot like our Golden Lab, Abby. (And yes, she enjoys a tummy tickle, too.)

Making furniture your way. (From Reach Financial Independence)
And in keeping with that,

An amazing upholstered bench, made with (drum roll) free pallets and a crib-sized mattress! (From  MyLove2Create. She's helping renovate her sister's laundry room -- but on a strict budget.)

What 3 out of 10 homeless adults had in common, as kids. I'm not completely convinced that all of the numbers quoted in this long infographic are accurate - but it will make you stop and think.

A swimmer finds himself protected from a killer whale by a pod of dolphins. Adam Walker was swimming in a 16-mile Oceans 7 Challenge race when he noticed a great white beneath him. Fortunately though, a pod of dolphins also noticed, and positioned themselves around him until the danger was over. Wow...

Have a great week.  

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