Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Weekend

     Making progress...finally! Still behind -- but not as much. As usual, life at Chez Brick is anything but simple:

     *Son #1 is banging away in the bathroom. Today, he finishes the flooring and puts in the bathtub. Then it's on to toilet, tile and the vanity. He's staying overnight, which means I cook and do the Mom Thing.

     *Nitro, our old-dog friend (15 1/2, and shaky on his legs), is staying with us while his owners are at a conference. Which means:

     *Charley is busy trying to dominate Nitro, plus 'reassure' me that he (Sir Charles) is still Big Dog On Campus. (Abby could care less.)  Our granddog Karma is on-site, as well, making things even more interesting.

     *I'm trying to finish off these reports, so I can return several boxes of estate items tomorrow. (And cash some welcome checks.)

     *We have practice tonight, plus play/sing for Worship Team at a church down south in Palmer Lake.

     *Tomorrow morning -- early, of course! -- it's the usual Worship Team for Creekside Bible. It's a bluegrass service, which means the Brick's mandolin is essential.

     To top things off, the Brick feels awful. (Sounds like bronchitis.) He dragged himself off yesterday to drive schoolbus for a track field meet, and didn't get home until nearly midnight.

      Joy of joys, I'm starting to not feel so hot, either. 
                          (Maybe it's an attack of bad grammar.)

Gripe, moan, complain. 

We'll get through somehow. Hope your weekend is going smoother than ours. 

1 comment:

Barbara said...

So much happening in your life these days!!! I hope the Brick feels better soon and that you can avoid the bug yourself.

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