Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oh Deer...

Home update:  After two different showings to the same family last week, they decided 'no' -- our house sits nearly at the top of a steep hill, and the mom decided her clients couldn't drive up it. (Mine do this all the time with no problems -- but I couldn't persuade her.) 

    The same realtor says she has another family who wants to see the house, too. I'm not holding my breath...but there's a lot of interest right now in our neighborhood.  Which is good.
    The first bathroom renovation is in progress -- everything's torn out, and the new walls are almost in place. The Brick and Son #1 got a bathtub; the toilet and vanity are due in later this week. 
    Meanwhile, everyone uses the master bathroom, or trudges downstairs for that one.

More junk is slowly being cleaned out. The dumpster should be delivered in the next few days. 

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